Angel sat outside, listening the night. There weren't any sounds, at least not any that humans could hear. But for one who is one with the night, there are several sounds to hear. He stood with his back to the wall of the interim church. He heard someone behind him. "You might as well come out, Spike." Angel told his childe.

"You always were good at that." Spike said from behind him. The blonde vampire stepped out from the shadows near Angel. They stood, looking at each other for a moment.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Angel asked.

"Not really" Spike replied. They turned towards the night again. "How.....are things?" Spike asked slowly.

"Decent." Angel said "As well as one could expect."

"Five years." Spike thought out loud "Five bloody years."

"Not that long, comparitevly." Angel said.

"Aye." Spike agreed, nodding "Not that bloody well long at all. At least not for guys who live centuries."

"No. Not for us." Angel said.

"What did you do for five years? Did you and the slayer.."

"No, Spike." Angel said "I haven't been with Buffy since the prom."

"Oh. Right. The Prom." Spike said "Sorry. There's so little I know about the two of you." "It's alright, Spike. You're not supposed to know anything." Angel said, smiling "Someone told me that you spent the last five years with a group of refugees, protecting them and all."

"Who told you that?" Spike growled, annoyed.

"Willow." Angel said "We were talking about an hour ago."

"Damn." Spike spat.

"So, it's no longer William the bloody but William the hero?" Angel asked.

"Hmmm." Spike grunted.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of." Angel said "It just means you're becoming more human."

"Ah, fuck." Spike said, kicking the wall, much to the elder vampires' amusment.

"I'm proud of you, Spike." Angel said.

"yeah, well, whatever." Spike said.

"I heard you and Willow have become close." Angel said.

"Did she say that? Well then it must be true." Spike said "She's a nice kid. Very brave."

"yeah, she is. I always thought she was one of the bravest." Angel said.

"For a mortal." Spike said.

"Yeah." Angel laughed "For a mortal." They paused for a few minutes. "I hear you have some sort of secret weapon."

"Yeah. A sword. It can only be weilded by a souless creature. Willow knew you had a soul, Cordelia wasn't good enough..."

"So she picked the only souless creature she knew that could fight worth a damn?" Angel asked.

"That would be the gist of it. Americanised." Spike replied, smiling.

"Hmmmmm. So that means it's gonna be you on Harvest?" Angel asked.

"yeah." Spike replied "Yeah, I guess so."

"That's heroic of you. You really have changed." Angel said. Spike turned and started walking away.

"Yeah, just don't tell anyone." Spike said "That's my secret."