Willow heard birds. She thought it was strange, to hear birds. There weren't any birds anymore. They were all dead. She opened her eyes and looked up at a pink ceiling. She sat up, stretching, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked around, wondering why it was so comfortable. The bed she was on was nice and soft, not like the hard sofa bed she had in the resistance camp at all. There was sunlight streming warmly through a small window to her left. She looked around at the teddy bears surrounding her. It was her room! But how was that possible? She lept out of bed and threw on a pair of red overalls and a pink shirt with a flower in the middle. She put on sneakers and ran down the stairs through her house. She was home. Could it all have been a dream? She ran into the kitchen, and saw her mother cooking eggs. At the table was her father, a cup of coffee on the table in front of him and a newspaper clutched in his hands. She ran up and kissed him on the! cheek, then turned to her Mother and did the same. They both looked at her, startled. "What was that for?" Her Mother asked.

"Just missed you is all." She said.

"You missed us while you slept?" Her father asked, and eyebrow raised.

"Yeah. Something like that." Willow said, smiling. This was amazing. It had all been a dream! She was back in the hellmouth with her parents! They were alive. She smiled as her mother brought her her breakfest. The eggs and bacon spelled out the words 'you are going to die, bitch'. Willow looked up to see that her Mothers face had become a distorted demonic visage. She tried to roll backward, but her Mothers' hand wrapped around her throat. Willow was lifted off of her feet. She kicked at open air, gasping for breath. Her Mother laughed a horrible guttural sound. Willow kicked the demon in the gut, falling to the floor. On all fours she scrambeled beneath the table, praying for escape. her Mother flipped the table away from over Willows' head. Willow crawled to the stairs and started to crawl up them. She made it to her room, slamming the door behind her. She pushed her dresser against it and ran for the phone. She picked up the reciever and dialed Buffys' nu! mber. It rang twice, and then,


"Hello, Buffy? Hellmouth emergency, my parents are demons...."

"Who? Buffy? Who is this?" The voice asked.

"It's me, Willow." Willow gasped desperetly.

"Who the hell is Willow?" The voice on the other side said, becoming deeper and more throaty.

"You're gonna die, bitch." The reciever bit her ear. She felt blood run down her cheeks. Screaming, she flung the reciever to the floor, dragging the whole phone with it. The reciever hung itself up, and then the phone grew spider legs. The reciver twistd into a horrible face. The phone crawled toward her. Willow leaped onto her bed, trying to escape from the phone. The reciver leapt off of the phone, and rose above the bed, like a snake. It grinned manically at her. She kicked it, and it smashed through her window. She then heard the door splintering. She looked over and saw a hole in the door, an axe sticking through. She screamed as she saw her Mothers' demonic visage leering at her. Willow ran for the window and climbed out onto her roof. She jumped down, feeling pain in her legs as she landed, but quickly forgot it. Then the sky went black. Darkness filled the stre! ets. She couldn't even see the hand in front of her face. Then she saw a single light. She began to run towards it, but it seemed to get further and further away. She then ran into someone. She landed on her behind hard, looking up.

"Willow." A british voice said.

"Spike?" She asked. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, Will." Spike said, lifting her to her feet.

"It was so awful, Spike! My parents turned into demons and my phone tried to eat me....." She stopped and looked at Spike quizzingly. Spikes' vampire face was on. He snapped at her neck suddenly. Willow kneed him in the crotch and ran away, knowing he would follow. But then she realised that he wasn't following. She watched behind her as she ran, causing her to run into yet another obstacle, this one much bigger than spike. She hit the floor again, and then looked up as light filled the area. She looked up into the grinning face of Harvest. He wasn't in demon form, but rather in the guise of an attractive male. He was in the mid six feet range, his hair was brown, and his eyes were dark black. He grinned an attractive white smile at her.

"Hello,Willow." He said, smiling.

"Harvest." Willow said, getting to her feet.

"So glad to see you so lively. I was afraid that the death of your parents may have changed you in some way..."

"Never mention my parents." She snapped. Harvest stepped back, frowning. He then smiled.

"Touchy subject, I see." He said. "So...how have you been?" He asked.

"What is this?" She asked "Where am I?"

"The dark recesses of your mind. We all have a place like this: A dark side, a place where evil and revolting thoughts roam." He answered, grinning.

"How is that we're in the dark recesses of my mind..." She stopped, figuring it all out. "I'm dreaming." Harvest nodded.

"Clever girl." he said.

"Why have you invaded my dreamscape?" She asked, hands on her hips demandingly.

"To make you an offer. Be my bride." He said, grinning.

"Your bride?" She asked.

"Yes. You have such power, such raw magic. Your soul is uncorruptable.......I am attracted to it like a moth to flame." he said, circling her. "I can give you anything. Money, power......your parents." He said, waving his hand. Her parents appeared nearby, smiling and waving to her. Willow closed her eyes and whispered a single word. Lightning crackled from the sky and into the demon. Harvest roared and back handed her. Willow leapt to her feet quickly.

"Never, ever, mention my parents again." She snarled. Harvest laughed.

"Of course my dear, of course." Harvest said, weaving his fingers together. "Be my bride and claim your true destiny and rule this pitiful world of mortals with me as my queen." He said "I know, I know it sounds like a bad horror film cliche but..we would be so well together. Our power would be unimaginable...."

"Fuck off." Willow said, crossing her arms across her chest.

"You cannot win!" he roared "You and your pitiful friends cannot....."

"You bleeding coward." Willow said, grinning "You are just a useless little coward. You are so weak and spineless that you have to invade my dreams to threaten me. You can't find us, or do anything to hurt us,and so you use these pitiful dream manipulations to scare me into thinking you're such a massive powerful being that can hurt us. After all of the postering you've done, you're still nothing but a small, weak, coward." She laughed in his face. He punched her hard in the face, lifted her into the air and tossed her across the room. Willow smashed into the floor. She wiped blood from her face and looked up at Harvest, who snarled in rage. "See? Coward." She moaned. Harvest roared again.

"Do not test me, girl!" He yelled "I chose to give you the offer. But you have made your choice. Now, the gloves are off. You and your pitiful friends can come and fight me. But I will warn you, the results will be similar to the results of our first battle." A portal opened and he stepped into it. Willow sighed and closed her eyes, waking herself up.


Harvest roared as he awakened in his circle of blood. He looked around the room at all the candles. Ethan and Willow rushed into the room. "M'lord?" Ethan asked, kneeling beside him. Harvest pushed the british man over and got to his feet. Angrily, he stormed out of the room.

"M'lord?" Drucilla asked, following him "Did you have a bad dream?" He stopped and turned towards her, embracing her. He nodded.

"Yes, my dear, I did. A bad bad dream." Ethan came out.

"Was the spell successful?" Ethan asked. Harvest stepped forward and snapped his neck. Ethans' lifeless body slumped to the ground. He turned and kissed Drucilla deeply. She moaned with pleasure and followed him into the bedroom.


Willow woke up with a snap. It was still night. She remembered that dreams lasted only seconds in reality. She got out of bed, stretching. She walked out of her small bedroom and found Buffys' small bedroom. She shared a room with Xander, who slept on the floor. Willow stepped over him and sat on Buffys' bed. "Buffy?" She asked gently. Buffys' eyes opened.

"Willow?" Buffy asked, squinting. "What's up?"

"Harvest. He invaded my dreams...." Willow said, nearly choking. Tears slid down her face. Buffy sat up and hugged her. "Buffy, I'm so scared. This guy killed my parents, and he killed Giles and Cordy...." Willow was nearly bawling.

"Will, when was the last time you cried?" Buffy asked.

"My parents funeral. Five years ago." Willow said, nearly moaning. She kept her vice down, not wanting to wake Xander. Unfortunetly, it didn't work.

"Buffy, Willow?" He asked, sitting up "You guys okay?"

"Yeah,Xander." Willow whispered. He got to his feet and walked over, dressed in only a pair of jeans. He sat down on the side of the bed. He hugged Willow.

"What's up,Wil?" He asked gently.

"Harvest invaded her dream." Buffy said.

"Holy shit." Xander breathed "He can do that?"

"I think he's scared." Willow said to Buffy "He's scared. Dream invasion is easy, especially to someone of his power. He's just trying to scare us..."

"What was the dream about?" Xander asked.

"He....wants me to marry him." Willow said absently. Xander looked at her, wide-eyed.

"Damn." He said. Buffy hit his shoulder gently.

"It's my powers. And he says my soul is pure. The purest he's ever seen. He's drawn to it..." Willow said quickly. Xander stroked her hair as Buffy held her close.

"We're gonna get him, Will." Buffy soothed. "I'm going to kill him once and for all."

"And I'm gonna kill Nastassia." Xander said "I swear. And I also swear that I am not going to let anything happen to you." Willow kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you." She whispered. She turned to Buffy "Both of you." She got up and walked to the door. "I'm going back to bed."

"Want me to come? I can stand watch while you sleep..." xander offered. Willow shook her head.

"No. I can't let him get to me. Goodnight." She walked out of the room, letting the door shut gently behind her.