"A goddess?" Spike asked Willow. She sat in her throne staring at him with wide fearful eyes.

"Uh.....yup." She said, smiling nervously. She blushed. "Sorry?"

"I have been locked up in a bamboo cage scared to break free beacause of what they might do to you and I find you getting a footrub and rating grapes?" He asked, pacing back and forth in front of her, angrily.

"Bow before the goddess, worm." One of the guards said. Spike glared at him, Vampire face on.

"Fuck off, Mutt." He growled. The guard backed away a few steps. Spike turned his attention back towards 'The Goddess'.

"Spike.....they wouldn't let me see you. They refused.... and I commanded them to bring you to me." Willow looked at the unconcious boy on the ground. "They didn't go get you, did they?" Spike growled.

"Maybe. I kind of just just jumped the guy..." The man that had spoken to Spike the other day ran into the hut.

"Goddess......" The man yelled.

"What is it Litu?" She asked, getting up from her chair.

"The monster returns!" He exclaimed.

"Monster?" Spike asked. Litu looked over at him, and then looked back to Willow.

"You must protect us........." he begged, dropping to his knees.

"They really like groveling." Spike said, rolling his eyes. Willow glared at him. She then looked back at the elder.

"What monster?" She asked. Litu got to his feet.

"The Cantin!" He yelled.

"The cantin?" Spike asked. "It's probably just a dead parachuter of something, like in Lord of the flies." Litu looked at him, and then back to Willow.

"Please protect us?"

"I'll....try. What does this thing do?" Willow asked.

"It takes the souls of those it kills and makes itself stronger. It's roar is the sounds of the torutred souls moaning from beyond the grave." Litu said "It will destroy out village....."

"How big is it?" Spike asked. Litu looked at him and back to Willow.

"Ask your servant to help us! he is strong and can defeat it!"

"Servant?" Spike asked, outraged. "And ask me yourself, you bloody sod." He looked down at his bare chest. "And someone get me a fookin' shirt!" Willow looked at one of her servants.

"Get him a shirt." She commanded. The servant bowed and then ran away.

"Jesus." Spike said, running his hand over his face. WIllow looked down at Litu.

"Where is it?" She asked. She was answered by a rumbling.

"It comes now!" Litu screamed. Willow grabbed his shirt collar.

"Evacuate the village. Spike and I will face the creature....." She looked over at the Vampire, who refused to look at her. Litu nodded and ran from the hut with the other people. Willow looked over at Spike. "We're still on a mission, Spike." She said in a low voice. "For the world, for your people." Spike nodded.

"I know. But these aren't our problem......." He motioned to all the people.

"They're sort of my problem. They're counting on me. On us." She stared into Spikes' eyes. "I know you're angry, but they need us." He nodded.

"I didn't say I wasn't going to do it." He said, walking out of the hut. "It's just stupid is all."


The Cantin was a large ape-like monster. It was over ten feet tall and covered with black fur. It had three eyes and the images of three women attached to it's forehead. Each had the look of a marble statue, the faces held in an expression of pain and torment. Willow shivered as she looked at them. Spike stood next to her as they watched it approach. "What's the plan, Luv?" He asked. Willow looked over at him.

"You're the battle tactian here!" They looked at each other.

"Bloody fuckin' great!" Spike said, stomping. He looked up at the creature at it came forward. "Fine." he ran between it's legs, getting it to turn around. He lifted a head sized rock and heaved it at the creatures' head. "Come on you lousy arsehole!" The creature lumbered after him. Spie rushed over a small hill, turning to egg it on further. The creature roared a horrible sound, just as Litu had described it. Spike shivered. He continued to run. He then realised that he had no idea where he was going. He then heard the creature roar again and he turned to see it fall forward and then catch itself. He saw Willow standing behind it, her hands stretched out in front of her. Spike watched as she lifted another boulder without touching it and smashing it over the creatures head. The creature lumbered towards him. Spike turned and ran again.


That plan of attack continued for some time: Spike hurting and taunting it, and then running to avoid being hit, at which point Willow would use yet another rock to hit the creature. Spike finally made it to a cliff and found himself trapped. He looked back at the creature lumbering after him. "Fuck." he said, staring down the cliff. He turned and faced the beast as it came towards him, it's horrid roar echoing in his ears yet again. "Come on then, fuckwit. Let's finish this!" he yelled, raising his fist. The creature raised a foot to stomp the vampire. Spike rolled out of the way and attacked it's waist. He tried to topple it, but found he couldn't even budge the heavier being. It grabbed him with both it's hands and lifted him into the air. He remained suspended there for a moment, and then he was dropped onto his back at full speed. He yelled, coughed up blood on his contact with the earth, and then rolled to one side as it again tried to stomp him. He then heard! it's roar as another bolder hit him in the back of the head. It pitched forward towards the cliff. Spike rushed at it and caught it's right foot, pushing upwards. The creature,already unbalanced, fell from the cliff onto the ground below. It bellowed it's horrid roar and then laid still, blood covering the rocks below. Spike looked down at it and then hacked up the biggest lugi of his life.


The people provided the pair with a boat and several blankets for when the sun came up. Willow and Spike thanked them and Willow was given numerous gifts and food for killing the creature, while Spike was still presumed to be her servant, a fact that she still thought was very funny. Spike, however, wasn't happy, but forgot about it once the idea of getting of the island filled his head. Spike rowed the pair off into the sunset. He marveled at it's beauty. It had been centuries since he had seen the sun rising, falling or even being in the sky. He had never remembered such a beautiful thing. He sighed and decided to memorize the sight, beacause it would be the last time he would ever see it