"We're going in that?" Xander asked, gesturing towards the old beat up pick up truck.

"Yep." She said, nodding. "By day I can stretch out in the back with a tarp over my head."

"Oh." Xander looked at her. She had alwyas been beautiful at night, but right now she was gorgeous. The moon shone on her, illuminating her hair and facial features. She noticed him staring and smiled. She handed him a map.

"Here's a map of the route to the resistance. These little red dots are checkpoints." She stopped and looked into his eyes. He nodded.

"Got it.......who drives first?"

"I will." She said "That way you can sleep and drive all day." He looked at her suspiciously.

"I don't know....."

"You don't trust me, do you?" She asked.

"You're surprised?" He asked.

"No. If you weren't suspicious, I would be." She smiled "But if I wanted to kill you, why would I nurse you back to health? Why not just make sure you were dead?"

"I dunno." Xander said. He stopped for a moment and looked into the forest. He sighed. He knew he had to find Buffy and help her. He looked over at Cordy. "Okay. You drive." He slid into the passenger seat. "I'll get some sleep."

"At sundown I'll wake you." She said, sliding into thee driver seat. She started up the old truck and drove off into the night.


Spike felt water on his face. His eyelids fluttered open and he saw that he was staring at wooden bars. He got to his feet and saw that he was in a cage made entirely of bamboo and had straw linging the bottom. He felt the bars. He could break snap it like a twig. He looked out past the bars and saw a small village. There were numerous huts around, fires built outside all of them, and hairy dog-like beings walking the road, chatting amicably. There were far too many to fight. No breaking out. He looked into the center of town and saw a huge bonefire. "Hello, Strange One." Came a deep voice from behind him. "You have awankened I see." He turned and looked into a dog-like face: A long snout with a wet black nose and small beedy eyes. The ears were floppy, like a rabbit.

"What are you?" Spike asked. His leg was healed, he noticed, almost as if it had never been broken.

"In a group of people, that question is asked to the one who is different. We are the majority, so a more appropriate question would be, what are you?" The dog thing said.

"Names' Spike." He said "I'm a vampire. And when the sun comes up I will be destroyed." he looked up to see the sun starting to rise. "Please get me into shelter..."

"Fear not outworlder." The being said "You have faced sunlight several times in this cage and lived. Nothing can be harmed here." He smiled as Spike cringed from the sun, eyes clamped tight. Spike then opened one eye and saw himself fully imersed in the sun and still standing there without the slightest burn. The being grinned at him. "I told you. Nothing can be harmed here."

"Why did you attack us?" Spike asked "And what of the girl who was with me?"

"We attacked beacause you were there. You frightened us. You are not like us." The dog being titlted his head at you "Are you not a threat?"

"My leg was broken......."

"Healed. Nothing can be harmed..."

"Here. Right. I know." Spike hissed. "I'm not a threat as long as the girl is returned and we are allowed to leave in peace." The dog frowned and shook his head.

"The girl must stay." He said.

"Why is that?" Spike asked.

"For she is the goddess." The dog said.


The dog creature kneeled before her, head bowed. "I brought you some water, mistress." It growled.

"Oh, thank you!" Willow said, taking the glass it he held out and drinking from it thirstily. "That really isn't neccesary."

"We must treat you well, Goddess. The village does not want wrath brought upon it."

"Wrath?" Willow asked "I assure you, there will be no wrath. I just want to leave with my friend...."

"No!" The thing said, grabbing her ankle despertly. "We need your protection...." Willow looked down from her seat at the groveling creature. She bent over.

"Listen, please bring the jailed man to me. I want to see him."

"But the elders...." Willow took a deep breath.

"Will obey if they don't want to see my wrath." Willow bluffed "They will worship me and obey me." She swallowed hard. The creature bowed several times and backed out of the room. Another dog creature held some grapes out to her, which she ate. He fed them to her like a queen. They lied her back and she noticed several servants entering the room. She supposed she could get used to this.


Spike was sitting alone in his cell in a pile of hay, very angry. Willow was somewhere and they wouldn't let him see her and they wouldn't let him out of his cage. He discovered that he didn't need blood here, which was a plus beacause he would be dead by now. He then heard someone outside the cage. "What do you want?" he asked.

"The goddess wishes to see you." The boy said.

"Bring me to her." The creature unlocked the cage and Spike burst through the door, grabbing him and twisitng him around. "Which hut is she in?"

"The sacred hut. The center of town." The boy said quickly.

"Good." Spike pushed him over and ran for the hut. A guard stepped in front of him. Spike lifted the creature and tossed it through the door, following it. He ran in to find Willow sitting on a throne, eating grapes.

"Oh." Willow said, grinning "Hiya, Spike."