Ethan Rahne entered the room smiling. It was a large ballroom, filled with fancy furniture. On the ceiling were a row of chandeliers that swung in the wind from the open windows, clanging noisily. Ethan began whisteling, looking out the open window into the night. "Mr.Rahne." Came the deep growling behind him. Etahn turned around quickly, his hands clasping each other behind his back. He looked into the blood red eyes of Harvest.

"Yes?" he asked "M'lord." he added hastily. Harvest only growled. "Do you not like the host body I arranged for you?"

"It's suitable." Harvest said, stretching his long thick muscled arms. His host body was a tall athletic man, taken from one of the many factories in the northeast, with sandy brown hair and what were once deep alluring green eyes. "But flesh bodies are so restricting." Ethan laughed. He heard some singing behind him.

"But they do have thier advantages....?" Ethan asked, a smile crossing his face as he looked past the demon king at the beauty behind him.

"M'lord, Miss Edith doesn't like the bad man." Came the dreamy british voice from behind him.

"Yes." Harvest said to Ethan "It does have it's advantages." A smile crossed the demons' face. He snapped his head towards the british man. "Mortal flesh has a unique take on pleasure that I find intriguing." Harvest walked over towards the open windows. He looked out over the courtyard at the humans, wandering under the watch of thier vampire jailors, all frail and sickly. He grinned maniacally. "But it's weak. I have a large distaste for mortal flesh."

"I'm working on re-conjuring your body, M'lord, but these things take time and......" he stopped quickly.


"I was going to say money, m'lord, but surely I don't need money from one as gracious as you...." he gulped as the demons' eyes locked onto him. Harvest stepped forward and backhanded him. Ethan fell to his knees, holding his face.

"I may have a mortal body, but my strength is still far beyond that of your puny mortal form." Harvest growled. He lifted Ethan to his feet by his hair. Drucilla walked over and playfully petted the british mans' hair.

"May I play with him?" She asked. Etahn eyed her fearfully.

"No, M'love, you cannot." Harvest said, pulling him from the insane vampire. With his free hand, Harvest caressed her chin, holding her head up high. "You are beautiful." He said. Drucilla curtsied gracefully.

"Miss Edith hates him." She said, nodding towards Ethan.

"I hate him,too, love." Harvest said "But I need him." Harvest let go of the man. Ethan backed away hastily, watching them. Harvest turned and held Drucilla in his arms. "So, Rahne, how goes the search for the slayer?"

"I....don't know, sir." Harvest turned toward him and Ethan held his hands into the air. "Not my department!" He exclaimed.

"Nope, it's mine!" Came a cheerful voice from the doorway. Harvest turned and watched Nastassia entered the room.

"Ahhh, the turncoat." He said, grinning "Did you find the other slayer?"

"No, sir, but..." Harvests' fist hit her square in the face. Nastassia crumpled to the ground, staring up at him. She wiped a bit of blood from her face with the back of her hand.

"But.....?" He asked, leaning towards her.

"We're still looking." Nastassia said angrily. She got to her feet and stared hatefully at him.

"What does the boy know?" Harvest asked, moving back to his spot by the window. Drucilla skipped off humming happily with her doll.

"Nothing, sir." Nastassia said "He knows less than I do. Even if there was anthing to know, I highly doubt he would know it. He was hardly inner circle material." She leaned against the wall. She whistled. "Hey, Rahne, go fix me a drink." Rahen scoweld.

"Get your own damned dri...."

"Get the drink, Rahne." Harvest commanded. Nastassia smirked happily.

"That's right, go slave boy." She giggled. Rahne scowled and walked out of the room. She exmained her nails.

"I want the slayer found." Harvest growled at her.

"What's so important about her anyway?" Nastassia asked "It's not like she can hurt you."

"I need her. She must be sacraficed for the cataclysm." Harvest growled. "I'm counting on you to get her. Until I get my body back, I need to rely on servants and agents to do this work. I expected you to beat her the first time...."

"I wasn't prepared for Angel...." Nastassia began to protest.

"I care not." Harvest saidm turning towards her.

"Excuses are unprofessional. You made a promise."

"I know, m'lord, just give me a chance. I'll get the buffster for you and then you can kill her. But...can I have the men?"

"For what?" Harvest asked, a half smile crossing his face.

"Oh, you know..... Slave labor? After the bullet to the shoulder from Xander and the physical damage to my face from Angel I know a few good spots on my boots that need licking." Nastassia said, grinning.

"Use Rahne." Harvest said, grinning. Nastassia laughed out loud.

"For an evil guy, you sure got a sense of humor." Rahne entered the room.

"Rahne." Harvest said.

"Yes?" Ethan asked "M'lord?" He added.

"Lick Nastassias' shoe." Rahne looked at Nastassia. And Nastassia grinned and pointed to the floor


"M'lord?" Drucilla asked. She was pressed against the demon king in thier large king sized bed.

"Yes, Love?" Harvest asked.

"Whatever happened to Spike?" She asked, remembering her first real lover. Harvest grumbled low in his throat.

"What does it matter?" He asked.

"Miss Edith asks about him." Drucilla said in a little girl voice.

"Your doll?" Harvest asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She asks what happened to my spike." Harvest just watched her. He then picked up the phone and rang up his office.

"Tell the turncoat bitch to come to my room. Immdietly." Within twenty minutes, Nastassia stood in front of him, dressed only in a robe. Her cleavege poked out a bit and her feet were bare on the wooden floor, her hair hanging in different directions like a mop.

"Yes sir?" Nastassia asked, yawning."Spike. Tell me of his status."

"Don't know sir." Nastassia yawned. "he didn't show up in Sunnydale with the others. He and the little Witch..."

"Willow?" Harvest asked. Nastassia raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Yeah...." she said "How'd you know that?"

"Her soul was pure. Uncorruptable. It fascinated me." Harvest said, looking away. He held Drucilla tight. "She and Spike weren't there?"

"No, sir." Nastassia replied.

"Interesting. Keep me informed. And send some men to his little stronghold. I want them found. They could still be a threat, especially if Willow has reached her potential." Harvest said, scratching at the beard stubble he had grown.

"What kind of threat could she be? Shes' just a little innocent girl..."

"She has the potential to be a great and powerful sorceress. And she is dangerous. With Spike she could be very dangerous." Harvest looked down at Drucilla, who rested her head against his chest.

"Is Spikey going to hurt us?" Drucilla asked, kissing his chest.

"No." Harvest said, stroking her hair. "No, m'love." he looked up at Nastassia. "Leave us." Nastassia nodded and left the room.


Ethan spoke quietly into the reciever. "No, you listen you fop. Harvest is gaining strength. I cannot keep him at bay much longer. You must make a move. What? No, you bastard. Hes' violating every fiber of my being. I can't take this. Find the damned slayer and her friends and give them the information. Soon he's going to figure out I'm holding out on him and he will get his body back and kill me. What? Okay. Yes. Goodbye." In Maine, Wesley Wyndham Pierce hung up the phone