He felt it warm his skin,and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at a brick ceiling, and slowly he began to get up. His vision was blurred, but he could make out the basic shape of a woman. "Where am I?" he asked.

"With a friend." A femining voice answered.

"I can't see." He said, his voice echoing his slight fear. He was defensless.

"Your eyesight will return. You had some pretty serious injuries. You've been out for a good amount of time."

"How long?"

"About a week. I've helped your leg along by using my blood. It's nearly healed. The swelling has gone down on most of your injuries. The worst of it was the fall." The voice said. He felt a washcloth against his head.

"'s all a blur. I remember being with Buffy...."

"I wasn't there, Xander." The voice replied.

"How do you know my name?" He asked fearfully.

"Surely you recognize my voice?" The voice asked.

"No......" He began. He stopped and sucked in his breath. "Cordy." He whispered. She giggled.

"Yes, big as life and twice as cute." Cordelia replied. Xanders' vision began to clear. He rubbed his eyes.

"Where have you been?" he asked.


"How did I get here?" He asked.

"I found you at the bottom of the drawbridge. You were in the water and I saved you. You almost drowned." Cordelia said. "Lie still." She commanded, holding him down on the bed.

"Okay..." He obeyed. "Why weren't you in Sunnydale...."

"Well, the last five years I've been with Harvest..." Xander was already trying to force his way off the bed. "Will you wait a sec and let me finish my sentence? God, that was always the problem with you. You never listened." Xander laid down.

"Do what you want with me. I won't help you get Buffy."

"I don't want Buffy, knucklehead." Cordelia scolded.

"You don't?" He asked.

"No! If you would let me finish I would tell you." Cordelia exclaimed "I joined Harvest to get the inside scoop. I discovered Nastassia was working with the bad guys. I didn't show up at the meeting beacause it would have comlicated matters. The last five years I've been setting factories on fire."

"That was you?" Xander asked.

"Yep." Cordelia said, smiling with pride."I thought Buffy....."

"Buffy took credit for it so she could hide the whole 'I'm scared to fight after Harvest beat my ass' thing." Cordelia said. "I thought Buffy and the rest were going to pull off the attack at Harvests' factory and then I was going to reveal myself after Nastassia turned traitor. Unfortunetly, things got crazy and didn't work out the way I thought it would, hence you falling off a bridge."

"Buffy thought I was the traitor." Xander said darkly, looking down at the floor.

"How sad." Cordelia said. "Where there any plans of what to do after the facotry?"

"No." Xander said.

"Well, we have an advantage now. They think we're both dead...."

"How do they think you're dead?" xander asked.

"I faked my death. I burnt down the factory I was in charge of, and made it seem like whoever burnt the factory killed me. The bad guys are certainly paranoid about the 'mysterious figure' destroying thier property." Cordelia said, smiling.

"What's the plan?" Xander asked.

"I know an underground resistance that's planning to fight Harvest before he can pull off the next cataclysm. I was going to pitch the idea to Buffy....."

"Sounds good to me." Xander said, starting to get up. He got up and then fell into her arms.

"Take it easy." Cordelia soothed. "You're still weak."

"No shit." Xander said, laughing. He looked over at Cordelia.

"You're still beautiful, Cordy."

"You're just saying that beacause I savd your cute toosh." Cordelia said, grinning. She helped him over to a small table.

"Where am I?"

"In a cabin. Washington State." Cordelia said. "This was my spot in case of failure. Where I would wait out the end of the world?"

"I'm not waiting till the end of the world." Xander growled "I want Nastassias' ass."

"Me,too." Cordelia said "She's a hoe and a bitch." Xander grinned.

"When do you want to leave?" He asked.

"Tommorow night. The resistance is in Maine."

"Damn, that's a ways to go. Across Harvest territory at night...."

"We'll find a way." Cordy said. "You just get some food and then some sleep. I need you rested."

"You got it, Boss." Xander cracked, bowing. He limped over to the bed and flopped down on it. He was soon asleep. Cordy watched him from the table, smiling sadly. She remembered the handsome boy she had dated in high school. She loved him, she supposed, even after he made out with Willow. That seemed so juvenile now. And so far away. Being turned into a vampire had changed so much.....she seemed to be a different person. She got to her feet and exited the cabin to find some animals to drink from