"Spike?" He heard the voice from far away. He groaned and put a hand over his face.

"Hurt. Lemme alone...."

"Spike, wake up! Please!" The girls' voice said frantically.

"No......." He moaned.

"Spike!" the voice insisted, the pitch becoming higher with fear. Spikes' eyelids fluttered open.

"Oh, thank goddess!" Willow said, putting a hand on his forehead. "I was frightened for a moment....." Spike was suddenly aware of a great amount of pain.

"Shite! That fuckin' hurts......" he looked down at himself to see himself completley naked. His chest and arms were covered in burns. He looked up at Willow.

"Sunlight." She said, smiling nervously. "When I woke up you were sizzling. I dragged you over here........" he looked around to see himself in a small cave. "It's almost dark now. We should be able to go out and exploring soon......"

"Why did you wake me?" Spike snapped. he sat up, rubbing the back of his head, which had been lying on a rock "And more importantly, why did you undress me?"

"Your clothes were wet and I wanted to put them out in the sun to dry...." Her voice became high pitched as she became flustered by the question. "I'm sorry. I...just thought you would want to wear dry clothes when you woke up." Spike stared long and hard at her. He then nodded.

"My ciggarettes?" he asked.

"Um...soaked. I threw them away."


"I threw them away..?" Willow asked, shrinking back from the angry vampire. her voice became sqeaky again. She was begining to sound like the old willow. He calmed himself.

"Alright,alright,Willow." he sighed "Calm down." Willow was breathing a little heavily and she sat down and collected herself. The two sat in silence, Spike staring at her, she staring at him but not wanting him to know it. She caught his eyes as he stared at her in annoyance. "My clothes......?" He asked, an eyebrow raised. Willow laughed nervously and walked out into the sunlight and collected his clothing. She walked back in and tossed them to him.

"They should be pretty dry." She said, smiling. Spike tried to stand but found he couldn't. He cried out in pain and fell down. Willow launched herself forward with worry. "Spike, what happened? What's wrong......"

"My legs don't appear to be workin'" he said, looking up at her with his vampire face. She knelt down and felt his bare leg. Spike moved slightly in surprise, and Willow drew her hand back with a gasp. She looked athim and reached forward again, feeling around.

"Your legs are broken....." She said. "Well, your right one is. Do you guys heal fast?"

"Yeah." Spike said. "But I need blood." Willow stared at him for a moment and then held out her wrist.

"Go ahead." She said, wincing at the pain to come.

"Put your arm away, Willow, I am not drinking from you." Spike growled. He leaned against the cave wall.

"Why not?" She asked. Spike looked at her for a moment and then looked out at the mouth of the cave. The sun was down. He looked down and saw his bare legs and his exposed penis. To his embarassment it was erect. He flushed.

"Um...Willow......could you help me get my pants on?" They flushed simeltaneously. Willow smiled weakly and then grabbed his black pants. He helped him get them on without moving him. The two sat in silence for a moment afterwards, looking at one another.

"I could heal it. It would hurt and it wouldn't be instant, but...." Willow suggested.

"No. I'm going to do things naturally." Spike snapped. Willow sat back, watching him. He looked at her and sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm kind of bein' an arse and here you are savin' me 'n' all." Willow got up and sat next to him against the cave wall. She leaned against him. He looked down at her. "Y'know, you're acting quite differently now then you were a few days ago. Why the charade?"

"You think it's a charade?" She asked.

"Well, either this is a charade or the Willow that came and got me in New York was a charade. or the Willow on the boat. Which is the real you?"

"Why are you so afraid of magic?" Willow asked. Spikes' face darkened. She looked into his eyes intently, again seeming like the calm confident Willow Spike had seen in New York. When he didn't answer, Willow continued "When you're ready to tell your story, I'll tell you mine." She got up and walked out of the cave. At the mouth she stopped. "I'm going to make you a crutch. Maybe tommorow night we can go and get some grub for us........." Spike carefully got himself to his feet, his right foot staying above the ground. Willow saw him struggle and sweat more than she had ever seen someone sweat, his face a twisted mask of horrendous pain.

"You need food now." He groaned "I'm going to help you get it...."

"Spike, you can't walk." Willow protested.

"There's nothing that can't be done." He hissed. He took a careful limped step toward the mouth of the cave and began to fall forward when Willow caught him.

"Let me help you." She half carried him out of the cave. Outside the cave, Willow sat Spike down on a rock. he looked up at her. The pain had brought out his vampire face. He looked around the area around him. The cave was in a rock wall on the edge of a large tropical forest that was located on the edge of the beach. It reminded him of the island from "Lord of the flies". He looked back at Willow.

"Thanks." He looked out into the forest. "Get some sticks together. I can make some good traps. We'll catch a rabbit or something and I'll drink from it and then I'll skin it and cook it......"

"How will you skin it?" Willow asked. Spike looked at her. She could have sworn he smiled


Later a disgusted Willow was eating a rabbit. Spike had skinned it by ripping off it's skin with his bare hands. It tasted horrible, but she needed to eat. Spike looked better after his meal. Willow noticed him watching her from the other side of the fire, his make-shift crutch in front of him. "Tommorow night we'll go out and look around. There has to be some people or something." Spike said suddenly,starteling her. Willow nodded. Spikes' head then perked up.

"Spike, wha..." She began but he silenced her with a waved hand.

"I heard something in the woods....." he said, looking into the forest. Willow looked,too. Then the attack came. Out of nowhere a large beast tackeld Spike off the rock and into the ground. He hit hard, screaming as his attacker landed on his leg. He backhanded the beast. "Willow, run...." he yelled. He heard her scream. The blurry creature that had assaulted him stood over him and drove a wooden stick into his head, knocking him out.