Buffy pulled Giles into the van, screaming. There was so much blood. The world was moving at an unbelievably fast rate. She heard Angel yelling beside her, and she heard the tires squealing as Oz sped the van away. She held Giles' head in her lap. His eyes were begining to close. "No, Giles, no..." Buffy said, slapping his face lightly "Stay with me...stay with me, Giles."

"Those guys came from nowhere. I can't believe I didn't see them..." Angel said, kneeling beside them.

"It's my fault. I couldn't...."

"Maine." Giles said.

"What?" Angel asked, leaning close.

"Go to maine....resistance..."

"Resitance?" Buffy asked.

"Anti-Harvest." Giles hissed, his face twisting in pain.

"How....why...?" Buffy asked, confused.

"Had to..be sure....you were still in this." he said, not looking at her. He bellowed in pain. Angel inspected the wound that stretched from his armpit down his side. Blood oozed from the wound. Giles' bone stuck from his arm. Blood pooled on the floor beside the watcher.

"I am, Giles. I am." Buffy looked up "Oz! Get us to maine!"

"Got it!" came the call from the front. The van sped off.

"Just hold on, Giles." She said, stroking his hair. "Just hold on."


Xander and Cordelia entered the resistance headquarters in Portland, Maine. There were people around, but not a whole lot of them. They walked through when they were stopped. "Hold it." Said a thick bearded man in his thirties. "Who are you?"

"Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase." Xander said, extending his hand "We're friends of the slayer." The man regarded them cooly. He thought for a moment.

"Come with me." He led them through the small town to the church. It was an old building with decaying brick work and peeling paint. The door was a large piece of rotting wood. The guard led them through. They stopped at the door that said church office. The guard knocked and then opened the door, ushering them inside. Xander and Cordelia walked through. There at the desk sat Wesley Wydham Pierce.

"Hello, Xander. Hello, Cordelia." he said "I was rather heartbroken when I wasn't invited to the reunion party."

"Wesley." Cordelia said "This is......"

"Incredible." xander finished "You run the resistance?"

"Yes. I guess my time with the lot of you taught me something about being a hero....and a true leader." he smiled "Welcome aboard...." He looked over at Cordelia. "You're a..."

"Vampire." She said. Wesley stood up quickly. "She cannot be trusted..."

"Wesley, chill." Xander said "She's cool. She knew where this place was and brought me here. If she had been a bad guy, why wouldn't she be leading a small army in here?" Wesley thought for a moment.

"Fine. She should be a strong asset. The two of you will get rooms....."

"We'll share one." Cordelia said quickly.

"Yes,well.....I'm afraid that you two are on your own for now. I have other meetings to atend to." Wesley got to his feet and ushered them out of the room. They left the church and walked over to one of the buildings. Wesley had told them thier room was there. At the door, Xander bumped into someone.

"Sorry." The guy said. It was a deep familiar voice.

"Hey, wait a second...." xander turned the large man around and looked into the face of Larry. "Larry!"

"Xander!" he yelled. The two locked each other in a thick embrace.


"So I escaped and came here" Larry finished "They told me you were dead."

"He nearly was." Cordelia said. She watched as the men finished off thier water. "Supplies are scarce, aren't they?" Cordelia asked.

"Yeah." Larry said "They are. I've only been here a few days, and I've gotten to shower once." Xander grunted. Cordelia smiled and got up.

"Well, I'm going to get some sleep. The suns' almost up anyway." She walked off to thier room. Xander and Larry clicked glasses and went on with thier stories


Cordelia entered her room smiling and closed the door behind her. She walked over and began to undress. "Hey, there, Cordy." came the voice from behind her.

"Nastassia." Cordelia said, turning.

"The same!" Nastassia said, striking a pose. "So, you brought xander here, huh? I'm sort of glad he's still alive. Gives me the chance to kill him personally. But not yet. I want to play with him first. Imagine what he'll think after I kill you." Nastassia grinned and lifted her stake. Cordelia put her vamp face on and charged. nastassia blocked the first attack and then brought her boot into Cordys' face. Cordy fell back, dazed. The slayer then brought a knee to Cordys' ribs,and then put a massive backhand to Cordys' face. Cordelia fell down onto the ground with a scream. She heard Xander and Larry at the door, slamming against it.

"Xander! Xander, help me!" Cordelia screamed.

"Cordy!" came the panicked scream from the other side of the door. The stake was driven right through her back into her heart. She screamed in pain, and then:

"Xander, I love you!" Then she burst into duust. Nastassia tossed a rolled up parchment onto the bed and leapt through the window. Larry burst through the door, bringing it with him. Xander ran forward and found only dust. He knelt, crying openly. Larry picked up the parchment and read it aloud.

"Dear Xander and Larry, first of all,Larry, I couldn't have done it without you. I followed you here, so Cordys' death is sort of on your hands. Funny, isn't it? And Xander, nothing personal pal, but I had to kill the bitch. But don't worry, you'll be with her soon. Love, Nastassia." Larry finished.

"She's going to pay for this." Xander said, looking up through his tears. "By god she's gonna pay."