"I really hate boats." Spike cursed, feeling sick again. He leaned over the side and threw up again. Willow grinned as he turned around. "'Fuck you laughin' at?" He growled. She only laughed.

"Do lighten up, Spike. I still am the same Willow you remember."

"The Willow I knew didn't manipulate people." Willow feel silent, hurt. He frowned and turned back to the side, breathing heavily to avoid vomiting again. Willow put a hand on his back, rubbing softly.

"Easy." She soothed "You'll make yourself sick again." He looked back over his shoulder and looked at her. She frowned and walked inside the cabin. Willow had been telling the truth to him so far, he decided. She wouldn't drag him across the ocean for no reason. They had found a small underground boating service that provided refugees passage to other countries where Harvest had no hold. Certain African countries had remained intact after the cataclysm, but they were in rough states wih little supplies. The underground whispered of a place untouched by Harvest, a veritable garden of eden. Brazil was supposed to be relativly untouched, according to Willow. Most of the worlds' witches that didn't join Harvest during his first inquisition gathered there to practice thier magic in peace and maybe figure out a way to stop Harvest. Apparently they had found a way and Willow had volunteered for the job. Or so she said. He swore and walked into the cabin after her.

"Willow." He said sternly as he stumbeled down the water soaked wooden steps. He held onto the wall for support, feeling faint. "I...need your help." Willow turned and walked over to him, putting his arm around her shoulders so that she could help him. She brought him over to the small room they had been given and put him on the one bed. He had insisted it be hers, but she had decided that he would take it.

"Just rest." Willow said, putting a hand on his forehead. "Go to sleep or something. Take your mind off the sickness and relax. You'll feel better. You're just a little sea sick."

"No shite." He joked, smiling weakily. He reached up and touched her face with his finger gently, running it down her left cheek. He stared at her, and Willow smiled and blushed with the pleasure of being looked at. "Dru..." He moaned. The smile vanished from her face as she stood up and crossed her arms, blushing even more at the embarassment. He was very sick....... she turned and walked from the room, not listening to his inane mumbeling about Drucillla.


Spike rolled out of the bed and woke up with a start, feeling the wooden floor beneath him. Swearing, he got to his feet, finding it difficult for some reason. He blamed it on his dizziness and sickness, but discovered that the boat itself was moving. He braced himself in the doorway as the ship rocked again, this time violently. He ran from his room out onto the deck and was met by a wall of salty water. He was smashed into the deck at high speeds and felt the boat buck beneath him again. He looked up and saw a massive creature looming over the ship, causing the boat to rock in the waves. The beast was large and scaly, with three heads. The noise it made was a loud high pitched noise that hurt his ears. He saw the ships captain tied to the mast with his pistol in his hands. He fired at the beast and struck the eye of the middle head. Spike cursed as he felt the sickness again, and threw up onto the deck. "SPIKE!" He heard his name screamed.

"Willow." He said, moving to the back of the ship. Willow sat in the corner, her lips moving with her eyes shut. He couldn't make out what she was saying. He kneeled in front of her and shook her. Her eyelids fluttered open and she looked at him. She smiled.

"Spike!" She cheered, standing to meet him. "That's a Hanton, an ancient sea demon let loose by the cataclysm. See that marking in it's forehead?" She asked, pointing at the beast. Spike followed her finger and saw a small stick-like shape sticking out of it's right head.

"I see it." He said, nodding.

"That's it's source of power. Tell the captain to shoot it...." Spike was already running to the captain as she finished speaking. He watched in horror as the beast grabbed the captain(and consequently, the mast) in it's massive jaws.

"Awwwww, fuck!" He spat. As the beasts' head re-coiled, Spike lept onto it's middle head, punching furiously. It rocked back and forth, trying to shake the unwelcome passenger, but Spike held on with tenacity. He lept to it's right head, and pulled at the stick with all his might. The stick came loose, and beast and vampire alike fell to the sea. Spike leapt as the creature fell,and managed to grab hold of the side of the boat. The creatures body split the boat in half. Spike watched as Willow fell into the icy water. He cursed and leapt in after her, grabbing her about the waist. He pulled her out, grabbing a piece of wood. He thrust her upon it, and saw that she was unconcious. He pushed it as he swam, wondering where he would go with it. They were out at sea with nothing in sight. And worse.....what would happen when daylight hit? Spike didn't have much time to think about it when the waves and pieces of driftwood smacked into his head, knocking him cold