So I was watching this show. It was called “Coming Attractions” and it was focusing on new films being released soon. And I saw a disconcerting thing: A new Jamie Lee Curtis film about Aliens. Now don’t get me wrong, films about aliens usually are halfway decent. The Alien films were enjoyable(my favorite being the second one. But it wasn’t the best one. Ridley Scott did a much better job than Cameron. But of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong), and Predator was cool, and there are a couple of decent alien films that no-ones heard of. XTRO2 was okay. But of course I’m not the biggest Jamie Lee Curtis fan(except for her performance in Halloween all those years ago.). We do not need another Jamie Lee Curtis film, and we certainly do not need another mediocre film about aliens. This time, the films called Virus. In Virus , an alien being shows up on a Russian cruise vessel. Enter Jamie Lee Curtis and her fellow tug boat team members. They enter the boat only to find... *Gasp* Everyone’s dead! Didn’t see that one coming. So then we follow with the obligatory scene where the heroine will find a lone survivor and there will be an exchange somewhat like this: “There was an alien, and it was learning..” and Jamie Lee Curtis will ask, “Learning what?” and the woman will say “How to kill us” or something cryptic like that. Now we’re all scared. I mean, at this point is there an alien race that doesn’t know how to kill us?

“Films we don’t need really suck.” Joe Gunn , a senior at Thornton academy high school here in Saco, Maine says. “It seems like the film people are just trying to get by on star power, and it isn’t working. Studios should stick to young actors and actresses or a decent veteran actor with a well written plot, and forgo the huge special effects. Like Robert Altman( M*A*S*H*), for example. He didn’t underestimate his audience, and M*A*S*H* was a great film.”

Film companies need to stop feeding us this useless crap. They also need to write original ideas(Virus is based on a comic book, as well as a novel), instead of book adaptions, comic book films and sequels. We need more pioneers like Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs), George Lucas(Star Wars), The Cohn Brothers( Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Blood Simple), Orson Wells (Citizen Kane), Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, Public Access), and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy). Those men create new films and ideas, and break new ground with almost every film. Check out those directors every chance you get. Here’s my final advice: Rent old films. Just don’t watch the new ones, unless there’s something that really appeals to you( It does happen every once in awhile). I mean, sequels sometimes are good, but not too often. But unoriginal regurgitation of old ideas is stupid. ....................... Back to main page