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Winners at the Bedfordshire drama festival:
& 2000

Welcome to the official Meppershall Players Website. If you live in the vacinity of Meppershall (such a fun village) and fancy yourself as a bit of an actor type come along on to a show for details of how to join. Alternativly (for the cheapscapes among you lot) use the contacts below. Any useful critisism is greatly appreciated any unuseful critisism will just be laughed at. If you have any pages that would be suitable to link to this page i might consider some link swapping.


July 2002: A sucessful variety show. The audience delighted at the ecologically-friendly (i.e. recycled) jokes of the compares, Mick and Dave. They laughed at the animals in the box and there could have been hardly a dry eye in the house for Graham Jackson and Jenny Moore's rendition of Pie Jesu, Or for that matter Paul Carne's excrciating singing.

May 2002: Meppershall Players 30th Anniversary: This year the Meppershall Players celebrate 30 years since its creation in 1972. To honour this momentous occasion the first Players play "Spring and Portwine" was staged once more. Although not a record crowd for the two nights it is the general concensus of those asked that Spring and Portwine 2002 was very good indeed. General comments were made on the slug on the upperlip of Paul "Ubergruppenfuhrer" Carne, The passion shown by Graham Jackson and the mature acting style shown by the two younger members of the cast, Mark Vernon and Emily Partington. Not to mention the fabulous debut of Ben Griffith.


Patricia Bass has excelled herself in the direction of this play and the cast have worked very hard indeed to put on a show at a very professional level. Lets hope in 2032 the Players are still going strong and the cobwebs can be dusted off of the copies of Spring and Portwine again. If you have any pictures from the past 30 years that you would not mind being posted on here please pass them to Mark Vernon or another member of the players. 

A Call for all past and present members who haven't put themselves in the 30th Anniverary log book to do so. If you wish to leave your mark on history contact me at the email address below with your name and address and approx time you were in the players so that it may be written in the log book.

Pictures of the last 30 years! see great pics

Games and Activities Waste some time here.

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Players meal and trip to see the Adult pantomime, Snow white and the dwarf is to be held on the 25th of January. Please come to a rehersal to put your name on the new players notice board.

Keep Watching this space. When I get some more info, I will post it. If you would like to be mailed when new annoncements are made send an e-mail to the address below.

Coundown Clock: ... days 'til Dick Turpin. (Tickets now available at Rogers Bakery. 5 last night. 4 nightly performances. 3 Matinees.)


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"Aye I would only I dont fancy living on my own in a furnished room - listening to my own jokes like." - Harold Crompton (Played by Graham Jackson in Spring and Portwine 2002.)



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