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Bright Honda

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This page is by Mene
Bright is the romantic interest of the tale and in my opinion the best romantic hero that I have ever come across. He's smart, kind, confident, gets things done and above all has no qualms about admitting his feelings to anyone.
Bright is an inventor and a police man. Way back when he heard about Shadow Lady and fell in love her. So he packed up and moved to Gray City where he chases her with his wacky inventions trying to catch her and convince her to use her powers for good.
Throughout the story Bright thinks that Aimi hates him, since whenever she sees him she runs away. Poor guy! When really it is the contrary. Bright's personality makes the story much sweeter than imaginable and you even get used to his peculiar hair cut.

Hecate adds that Bright's name can also be a reference to his intelligence - he is a smart and perceptive lad, which we would shorten to "bright lad".