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George McMahon

Welcome. Looking around the net I couldn't find a site dedicated to George,
so I thought I'd make a little dedication of my own.


Born: September 20, 1985

Country: Dublin, Ireland 

Hobbies: horseback riding, singing and dancing.

Handed: Left

What he says about himself: Very sociable, easy to live with and not at all fit.

Ambitions: To play as many roles as he can, to work on feature films and maybe, someday, in Hollywood.



            Fair City ..... Mondo O'Connell

            The Panel #2.4 ..... himself

            The Late Show ..... himself


            Fair City ..... Mondo O'Connell

            Celebrity Farm ..... himself

            The Late Show ..... himself

            The Late Show ..... himself

            Off the Rails ..... himself


            Fair City ..... Mondo O'Connell


            Custer's Last Stand Up .....Jamie Custer

            Incredible Story Studio #4.5 ..... Sam


            When Brendan Met Trudy ..... James

Stage Work

            This Lime Tree Bower

            Santa's Christmas Mystery

            Jack and the Beanstalk

            Oliver Twist ..... Charley


Celebrity Farm

Thanks to Official C.F. for the above picture

Fair City

Thanks to Stuff and Fair City Official for the above picture

When Brendan Met Trudy

All images are captured by me, please ask if you wish to use them

Custer's Last Stand Up

Episode 3- Playing Grown-Ups

Episode 4- Send in the Clowns

All images are captured by me, please ask if you wish to use them

Incredible Story Studio

Thanks to Incredible Story Studio for the above picture


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email me at:
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I live in Australia so I've only see Custer's Last Stand Up (ABC + Nickelodeon) and When Brendan Met Trudy