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Irene Williams Smith - Hank's sister

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Hank's older sister, Irene, who served as
the original 'Drifting Cowboys' first booking agent
in the early days, passed away peacefully in her sleep
on March 23, 1995 at the age of 73.
Although she was a very private person,
I was privileged to maintain communications with Irene
for almost twenty years. The following reproduction
of a letter received from her in 1978,
admirably illustrates her gracious and helpful nature


610 North Barnett #2
Dallas, Texas 75211
November 1, 1978

Mr. Tom Lipscombe
Hank Williams Appreciation Society
32 Georges Vanier
Roxboro, Quebec
Canada H8Y 2S3

Dear Tom:

Truly did not expect it to take me so long to get your nice letter answered. Have been terribly busy on my job and much too tired when I get home evenings to write.

Thank you so much for the Journal of September 17. It is beautiful. I am looking forward to receiving each issue and thank you so much for the complimentary membership, I feel very honored.

The Appreciation Society is a beautiful tribute to Hank, one that I feel will continue to grow during the years to come.

I enjoyed so much the letters in the Journal.

In the near future I will be happy to write something for you to publish. I will atttempt to answer the question that is asked about me in the Journal. Right now I must get this letter off to you before you think that I am never going to write.

Thank you so much for sharing with me the story of your experience of becoming interested in Hank`s music. Also thank you for sharing with me a little about yourself.

Tom, my best to you and your family and I promise to be more prompt answering your letters in the future. Enjoyed your nice long letter so much, thank you for taking the time to tell me so much.

Yes, this can be the biggest fan club in the world. I believe that you and all the other dedicated people that love Hank so much can do it. No, Hank is really not dead, nor will he ever be as long as there are people like you who continue to love and respect his music so much. He used to say: "As long as my name is spoken I will never die". Well his name continues to be spoken and he was right, he is still very much with us through his music.

My regards to your family.


Irene Williams Smith


Please note: The addresses shown in the above letter are genuine,
however no longer functional

Massage in Hospice Care - by Irene Williams Smith

"Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - Understanding death & suicide - part 1"

"Marty Stuart acquires 350 pieces of Hank Williams memorabilia"

Through his friendship with the country icon's sister,
Irene Williams Smith, to whom Marty dedicates the Nashville exhibit.
They met in 1993 when she invited Marty to her Dallas home
to look at Hank's belongings. "It wasn't just the same old
stuff you'd see," he says. "This was family items, treasures
of the family that nobody had ever seen, that had been protected
since the day he died. And I knew I was in the presence of
something really special."

Quote: "The things that I want to share with you are all
I have left of my life with my family. You must understand
that my brother is not Hank Williams - not to me.
His name is Hiram; my motherís name Lillian.
I feel safe inviting you to our family dinner table.
However, you must approach it with respect.
Under those terms you are welcome."
--Irene Williams Smith, sister of Hank Williams,
speaking to Marty Stuart in her home,
just prior to showing Marty the clothing, letters,
legal documents, hand written songs that made
her brother a legend, and many other items handed
down to her after the death of her mother.
Credit: - Hank Williams - Snapshots From The Lost Highway
by Escott & Florita (a wonderful book).
The quote, featured above is compliments of:
Country Music Classics Newsletter

Jewelry made by Irene Williams Smith (Hank's Sister)

The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama is honored
to have the jewelry made by Irene Williams Smith (Hank's Sister).

We are selling the following jewelry handcrafted
by Irene at the Hank Williams Museum:

Assorted Gemstone Necklaces
Wooden Beads, Rose Quartz
Carnelian and Lapis
Over dyed Turquoise
Soft Emerald Green Malachite
Dark Green Malachite Pieces
Multi Colored Rocks
Light Green Turquoise and Scarabs
Round Carved Turquoise

Silver Rings

Turquoise Round Beads
Turquoise and Silver Bead
Turquoise and Lapis
Cornelian and Lapis

Wire Hoops

Please E-mail Beth Birtley at: or call her at (334) 262-3600

The Information about the "Hank Williams Memorial Day Parade,
Montgomery, Alabama, September 21, 1954"
Was taken from Newspaper clippings,
compiments of Bill Watson of Anaheim, California -and-
The Alabama Department of Archives & History [ADAH}

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