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NOTE: NEW HWIFC Web Address:

This web Page is Dedicated to the Memory of Mary Wallace

President of the Hank Williams International Fan Club
Click HERE for a memorial message from John Wise, new H.W.I.F.C. President
Click HERE for details of Mary Wallace's tragic passing, on December 21, 2009

Ricky Fitzgerald is a young Montgomery Performer who has been singing Hank tunes
with the "Lost Highway Band" all over south ALabama since the age of seven.
He wrote a very nice tribute to Mary which is featured below:



Update on our Hank fan club:
The following are the latest fan club personnel appointments:

(Past) President - Mary Wallace (deceased Dec 2009)

President - Sherri Brackin

Secretary/Treasurer - Edna Thomas

Click HERE to view a complete updated list of Hank Williams International Fan Club Officers.

HANK FAN CLUB UPDATE - Fan Club VP John Wise advised us of the following two items:

The new web site for the Hank Williams International Fan Club is It is now online but is still a work in progress. It may take several weeks to get it fine tuned. Please be patient. Coming soon is a guest book, music, about us, pictures, merchandise pages, etc. Thanks to Tom Lipscombe and Robert Ackerman and friends for keeping a temporary web site available and updated. We needed that.

VP John Wise and another board member recently advised that membership in the fan club is on the rise and the fan club has become more financially sound.

Please email me or one of the officials above if you have any questions or comments.

Additionally, if you would like to join the fan club or renew your membership please note the following:

-Annual membership is $25.00 in the USA & $35.00 outside the USA.
-Send payments by check or money order to HWIFC, PO Box 280, Georgiana, AL 36033 USA.
-Membership includes three newsletters yearly, a membership card, and a certificate for framing.

Click HEREfor Membership application form.

Click HERE For Frequent Updates from the Hank Williams International Fan Club.

Robert Ackerman
Honorary Member, HWIFC
Palmer, Alaska

FAN CLUB NEWS 4/8/2011:
John Wise has stepped down as President of the Hank Fan Club
and Sherri Brackin, the fan club VP, advised there will likely be
another president appointed about the end of this month.
Please click HERE for messsage from Mr. Wise

Please click HERE For Radio Interview with the President and Vice President
of the Hank Williams International Fan Club Ed Kirby and Sherri Brackin.

Click HERE and read a Brief History of the
Hank Williams Appreciation Society International

Click HERE and read the nice letter to HWAS
from the Hank Williams Memorial Association in 1980

Click HERE to View HWAS Membership POSTER
containing the names of Lifetime members of HWAS International

Click HERE to View: HWAS Membership TEXT FILE
containing the names of Lifetime members of HWAS International

Click HERE and View a HWAS Membership TEXT FILE
containing members of HWAS International from the 70's & 80's

Click HERE to View the HWAS Membership Applications
from 1978 including covers of "Life to Legend" & "Sing a Sad Song"

Click HERE For information about the HANK FAN MAILING LIST &
Robert Ackerman's combined songwriting efforts
with Dustin Hunt and Jim Murphy.
Of Special Note: "Hank's Old Scratched Record"

Single Records (U.S. Issues)

Click HERE to hear this sound file in Real Audio

Note: We may order the Battle of Armageddon and many others,
by following the link offered below,
for the Complete Hank Willams CD Box Set

Click HERE to hear some sound clips
Many tunes never heard before!

Click HERE to view our collection of

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Click HERE to View some Billboard Magazine articles
concerning the Hank Williams Memorial Day in Montgomery, Al.
Click HERE to View Sections of the Hank Williams Memorial Day Parade
including dignitaries, Country artists and other partcipating organizations.


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