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                                                       LESSON PLAN                                 


By Nancy Hutto

Math Teacher

Memorial Middle School, South Portland, Maine

PURPOSE: To provide students with a real world business experience and assist them in learning the value of team work


Students will:



    1. small milk carton(half pint)
    2. 8" piece of ribbon (I use Christmas curly ribbon.)
    3. four graham crackers
    4. two small candy canes
    5. one Red Twizzler
    6. colorful M&M’s
    7. piping tubes with a tip of your choice(FROSTING DECORATIVE BAGS)
    8. one box of confectionary sugar
    9. water
    10. shortening





 1.Invite a small business owner to your classroom to discuss how their

     product was developed and marketed.

2.Introduce the six departments.

Advertising designs posters and forms

Marketing discusses strategies to sell the product and develops a plan.

Accounting develops a system of keeping a record of sales.

Finance finds the cost of one house.

Production collects, cleans, and prepares milk cartons

Construction puts the houses together (Most students do this).

3.`Once students understand the roleS of each department, they must          select which department they would like to work in.

4. Students start working.

              Advertising may ask the class to design a poster, and then they                 select the poster they wish to use and design forms.

There should be a student at the end of station five to inspect the houses for quality work.

If the houses are not of quality work, then it goes back to station one.

All students, except for production and accounting, work in construction. Production needs to supply construction with cartons, and accounting records daily sales and expenses.



Students write essays about their experience and tell how they used the learner outcomes (Student comments on web page).


Frosting recipe:  (I make this at home and fill plastic decorative tubes so that                             students can start working the next day).

one pound box of confectionary sugar

one cup of shortening of your choice

half a cup of water

Mix all ingredients until it is creamy .  Fill tubes and wrap ends with an elastic band so that students do not get frosting all over themselves.



This project takes three weeks to complete.