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                        FOLLOW STEP -BY- STEP



NancyMilk2.jpg (20692 bytes) You will need a half pint milk carton that has been washed, dried, punched, and ribbon applied
5.jpg (55628 bytes) You will need four graham crackers. Two crackers should be cut in half
4 (57764 bytes) Pipe frosting at each corner.
Cracker6.jpg (59409 bytes) Apply half the graham cracker to the carton by slightly pressing the cracker against the carton.
Cracker8.jpg (72103 bytes) The two crackers have been applied to the carton.
9.jpg (33708 bytes) Lay the  pointed side of the milk carton and with an index card trace the outline. Use the index card as your template. With the template cut two crakers to resemble shape. Use plastic knife and carefully slide knife back and forth.
11.jpg (50193 bytes) After you cut the peak,   pipe frosting  on each corner and at the peak. Repeat for other side.
12.jpg (44194 bytes) Next, carefully apply cracker to the peak of the carton
14.jpg (43135 bytes) Pipe a straight line across the top of the cracker.
15.jpg (44326 bytes) Pipe a straight line of frosting on very top where it was stapled.
16.jpg (31475 bytes) Apply cracker to the roof.
17.jpg (18603 bytes) "Viola"all the  graham crackers are "glued" on!
20.jpg (16832 bytes) Fill in cracks with frosting.
21.jpg (19525 bytes) Pipe decorative shapes on the top and sides.
23.jpg (21225 bytes) Pipe three straight lines across each side of the roof.
24.jpg (23142 bytes) Apply 12 M&Ms on each side of the roof.
26.jpg (23671 bytes) Apply two twizzler halves to the back sides of the house.
27.jpg (21093 bytes) Apply candy canes to each side of the front of the house.
29.jpg (12945 bytes) Add a door made of frosting.
32.jpg (10575 bytes) HOORAH, COMPLETED!!!!!!!