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Welcome to the Hanson Palace!

Hey all you wonderful Hanson Fans!!! Thanks for stopping to visit my site. This site is nothing but 100% Hanson. So please enjoy your stay here at the one and only, "Hanson Palace." HEHE Oh, and I am not Hanson, I don't know them personally, and I've never met them, "YET." So keep that in mind. And thanks again for stopping by and DON'T forget to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!

Hanson News

Hanson is still in the studio recording for the new album. No sure news yet, as to when the album will be released. To my knowledge it also doesn't have a title yet. New studio pictures are updated every so often at there official website. Just click HERE to get there!

Site Updates: February 26, 2002

Ok, more new chapter to the two stories will be up really soon. Because luckly I have time this week. Thanks to conferences! Wooho! Although I have to go. So that sucks. But anyways, I've made some changes to the main page. What do you think? It's not much but oh well. Isn't the cursor thing cute? I think so. One more thing... I'm looking for more Hanson Concert Experiances. If you have one and would like to share and have it but on this site then please EMAIL me. Thanks Everyone!

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Well, it's time to say goodbye... :( It's so sad... Please come again soon! Hanson will be waiting for you... :) Join them here at the Hanson Palace anytime!