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On Notepad

Want to build a webpage or create a fancy eBay description you can save and copy and paste into the description box when you list your item? Well... a lot of excellent web designers build their webpages using notepad. Here is an easy to understand tutorial that will show you every step you need to take to do it yourself. Don't know HTML? Click Here for a lot of codes you can copy and paste to use on your page. Can't find notepad on your computer? Click Here.

Create your page in notepad and save it by clicking FILE - SAVE AS at the top of the notepad program.

Give it a name and be sure to add .htm or .html to the end of the name.

Choose a place to save it and click the SAVE button. Remember where you saved it to.

After it is saved, you need to open it with your browser. Minimize notepad for now and click FILE - OPEN (or OPEN PAGE) at the top of your browser.

In this box click on CHOOSE FILE or BROWSE, depending on your browser.

Then find the file on your computer and open it. Be sure "files of type" is set to either "HTML Files" or "All Files"

You now can see the page you made.

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