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How to Make Your Own Paint Grenades!

How to make your own paint grenades

Materials needed: A section of 1/8" rubber tubing about a foot long. (available at hose supply stores, medical supply stores, or chemistry supply stores.) Alternately, you could use a used SquadBuster.

A plastic clip tie
A large syringe ( if you don't have medical friends, you can find syringe like "emergency pumps for basketballs" in your local sporting goods store)
Some paint (either boiled down paintballs or childrens washable non-toxic paint
A pair of hemostats
Some ball bearings of slightly larger diameter than the tubing (you can find these in your hardware store)
Some cotter pins
Some alcohol
A rubber band (optional)
A target

1) Take the tubing, and cinch it down tight in the middle. If you want to make smaller; Little Betty type grenades, use only a six inch length and tie off one end of the tubing. If you're using an old SquadBuster, this is already done for you.
2) Fill the syringe with the paint mixture and inject it into one side of the tubing. Leave about 2 to 2.5 inches at the top empty.
3) Before you remove the syringe, crimp off the tubing below it with the hemostats. The filled section of tubing should look like a hotdog.
4) Lubricate one of the ball bearings with the alcohol and insert it into the tubing above the hemostats. If you still have the cap from the SquadBuster, just fold the tubing tip over and place the cap on.
5) Insert one of the cotter pins above the ball bearing, through the tubing. Or place the old SquadBuster pin through the hole in the cap. Leave the hemostat on until the alcohol dries. If you are making a Little Betty type grenade, you are now done.
6) Take the other empty side and repeat the process, except use the same cotter pin to hold both bearings in.
7) If you want the grenade to have maximum area coverage with a smaller paint coverage, simply leave as is. However, if you want maximum paint coverage put a weak rubber band around the grenade. The theory being this: When you pull the cotter pin out and throw the grenade, the non-banded kind will fall apart, pointing in two different directions. The banded kind will however, spray a greater amount of paint at a specific area. However, both types will spray in a radius because the release of pressure will make the hose tip wag around.
I have tested one of these, they do work, and expect about a 5 to 6 foot spray radius. Remember VERY IMPORTANT: get a good arc on these or try to throw it at something hard (like a bunker right behind your target) because you need to get enough pressure when it hits to push out the bearing (or knock off the cap). Conversely, after you have pulled the pin, DON'T squeeze the grenade or you will get very, very messy! Also, after you pull the pin, if you notice a small amount of leaking paint, throw it quickly or it will blow soon! And this should be the final result:

So there you go folks, hope you enjoy it. If you try this out, email me an let me know your results or send me some pictures. I am also interested in anyone using these as cannon or mortar ammo! Please let me know if you try this! Thank you all and happy painting!