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Welcome! This is my latest version of my homepage, I figure it's good to totally revamp the whole thing every now and then, so here goes! There will be a forum for the wives and families of police officers, no cop bashing here, or I'll delete the post, so don't try! There will also be a message board as well as a link to the presidential candidates' respective websites ( I am a Bush supporter, but to each his own :-) ). There will also be a list of Low Carb recipes here for those of us who are dieting on one of the many high protein, low carb diets out there. Finally, there will also be a page with my family and also a cool links page chock full of just plain neat little stuff that I have found on my travels through cyberspace. So, Sit back, and enjoy!

Talk with other wives and family members of police officers!

Recipes- Submit your own, just email me!
Presidential forum- Let's Get it On!
All about my family and myself, as well as more cool stuff!