1. DO IT IN STYLE: How subs work DAILY MIRACLE: Production overview  THE GEAR: Software and hardware
2. FASTER, HARDER: Text subbing GREY MATTER: Text planning TEXT: How to set it
3. GET A HEAD: Writing headlines THE RIGHT TYPE: Planning headlines HEADS, tones, rules & other devices
4. CAPTIONS: How to write them PICTURES: Choosing and cropping IMAGES: How to handle them
5. SHAPE UP: Story structure, intros CLEAR & SIMPLE: News pages NEWS PAGES: How to build them
6. BREAKING UP: Not hard to do DON'T BE AD: Planning round adverts NEWS PAGES: How to build more
7. JARGON-BUSTING: Your mission MAKE THEM SING: Features, spreads FEATURE PAGES: How to build them
8. COPY CLINIC: Back to basics THE BOOK: Planning a newspaper PRODUkT BUILDING: Get it right