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All students must Register online and pay ALL monthly tuition's online including team fees.( if you don't register and pay online a $50 yearly registration fee applies) All tuition is due on your child's 1st lesson of each month..( a $15 late fee applies after their 1st lesson)


5:00-700 pm - Jr olympics team

5:00-700 pm - Jr olympics team
530-630 - age 3-5 Tap Ballet Tumbling
530-730 - age 5-8 cheer
6:30-7:30 pm - Age 6-9 Tap Ballet Lyrical Jazz
730-930 - age 9 and up cheer
7:30-8:30 pm - Age 10 and up Ballet Tap Lyrical/ Jazz

430-730 pm Jr Olympics team
5:30-630pm age 6 and up beginner tumbling
6:30-730pm age advanced Tumbling

4-530pm Jr Olympics team
4:30-5:30 pm - Age 4-6 gymnastics intermediate/advanced ... Beam Bar Vault & tumbling
5:30-6:30 pm - Age 3-5 Gymnastics Beginners Beam bar vault & Tumbling
6:30-7:30 pm - Age 6-10 Gymnastics Beam Bar Vault & Tumbling
7:30-8:30 pm - Advanced Beam Bar Vault & Tumbling

Summer Gymnastics 1st week after July 4. with Tumbling beam bar vault and trampoline and 1-4pm $82 .( see Camps) Parents invited to awards Friday 3-4pm . Parents may watch all classes and camps from the viewing room. Register and pay online at least one week before the camp....... Cheer Camp same week ( SEE CAMPS for more information)


30 day written notice required to fill your spot when dropping any class

NO YEARLY REGISTRATION FEE since all new students register and pay monthly tuition on line

1 - hr class/week = $51.00 a month
2- one hr classes/week = $82.00 a month
3- one hr classes / week = $113.00 a month
2nd family members = $41.00 a month

2 hr a week cheer $82.00 a month
Jr Olympics preteam & level 1 $125.00 a month
Jr Olympics Team Level 2 $155.00
Jr Olympics Team Level 3 $185.00 a month


1 hour PARTY with Tumbling & foam pit or Cheer = $155 ( paid 10 days in advance on line for up to a maximum of 11 Children( not including the birthday child); each additional child is $10. One hour full of music, fun, games and more in the Gym with a coach. Please call to confirm date and time 361 758-2028.
30 minutes of cake (you provide) & presents in our party ( Dance)room. A $75.00 deposit ( paid 2 weeks in advance)will hold your time slot (refundable if left clean). Each additional hour $50.00. Available times: all day Saturday or Sunday. 2 hour party : $210 for 11 students not including the birthday child and $10 for each party goer over the 11.
No students under the age of 4 allowed in the gym unless the parent stays with them the entire time.. No one allowed in gym/ instruction area except teacher and students. Parents and siblings can watch from the view room or stay in the dance area...Parents may go in with under age 4...... No food or drinks in any carpeted areas...the gym area or view room.Take any trash home with you.