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2710 Main Street
Ingleside, Texas


7700 sq ft building

Large Gymnasium

Tumble Tot Room

Large Dance Studio

Viewing Room For Parents

Gymnastics Tumbling & Cheer regular and Competition classes
Team Classes * Junior Gymnastics Olympics Program * Tot Tumbling * Mom & Me
* Tap * Ballet * Jazz * Lyrical Classes.

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Full gymnasium with 42' x 42' AAI springboard floor,
vault, beams, uneven bars, in ground Aussie trampoline,
in ground Elite channel pit, 60' inground TumbleTrak, Loose foam pit.


Tumble Tot Room

Tap * Ballet * Jazz * Gymnastics * Hip-Hop
* Cheerleading * Adult Exercise *Folkloric
Competition Teams * Mom & Me * Tumbling

24' X 60' Dance Studio

Classes for girls & boys ages 17 months & up & Adults

Open Gym

Birthday parties Saturday & Sundays

Summer classes and week long summer dance, gymnastics and cheerleading camps- plus backhandspring/back tuck 2 hour clinics throughout the year

Member Professional Dance Association, Professional member of USA Gymnastics , Club Member of USA Gymnastics, , American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Advisors, Instructors are safety certified.
National Dance Achievement Award

Listed in Dunn & Bradstreet's Who's Who National Register of Executives & Professionals and Who's Who in entertanment.


Free Cheer Clinic & try-outs for all teams held the last week in June of each year. Wo do take cheerleaders year round for regular and competitive classes.
Tiny cheer free clinic & try outs: age 3-5 on Monday 5:30-6:30pm
Mini cheer free clinic & try outs: age 6-9 mondays 5:30-6:30
Extreme & Elite free clinic & try outs: age 10 & up on Mon 6:30-8:30

2710 Main Street
Ingleside, Texas

Ages: 3years & up

Tiny - Beginner, age 3-5 $82 a month 2 hours a week
Mini - Beginner/intermediate, age 6-10 $107 a month 3 hours a week
Extreme- age 11 & up $134 a month 4 hours a week
ELite - all ages (must tumble, pass dance & jump test) 4 hours $134 a month
Teen - age 14 & up (must pass pass motion, dance & jump test)

For more information: 758-2028



Practice will be held 2 days/week - total 4 hours for only $134.00 per month.Mini team 3 hours a week for $107.00 a month. Tiny Team 2 hours for $82.00 a month. No registration fee.

Competition fees will be determined and collected by the coach since all employees are contract workers. Probaly 3 Regional and 1 National competition You may participate in fundraisers making enough to pay in full.The fees must be sent in to the cheer competition company by the coach so please be sure to pay on time. Remember competition fees are non-refundable as we do not keep the fees- just distribute them to the Cheer companies.

TOTAL Uniform EXPENSES:(approx) To be determined by the coach.Participate in a fundraiser making enough to pay in full. Due on or before July 1. Or pay balance due by deadline. White low top leather tennis shoes.( flyers must wear their tennis shoes to all classes)

If you do not make enough on the fundraisers to pay the Uniform and competition fees, you will need to pay the balance for each by check before the deadline.

Lots of fundraisers to help defray the costs.

FREE try-outs for those wishing to become a competitive level cheerleader.

Information about our CSD AllStar Cheerleaders will be passed out to parents at the beginning of try-outs.Cheer teams and their parents must sign and agree to a 3 page policy with a one year contact to the teams when joining.

Come & try out for our CSD AllStar Cheerleaders. Gymnastics not required in Tiny & Mini but, a plus. YOU will become a member of our National Champion CSD AllStar Cheerleaders and will compete at Regional & National Competitions.

Director: Bobye Farrier


FRANCINE DelBOSQUEZ: Folklorico Dance, Tap, ballet, lyrical, Jazz & tumbling. Fifteen years teaching competitive team and regular dance classes with Cinderella .

JULIANNE M. JOHNSON: Tumbling, Cheerleading, Beam, Bar, Vault, Floor and Mom & Me Classes. Over 8 years of experience before coming to Cinderella. This is her 3nd year with us. Trained, experienced and certified in gymnastics instruction, safety & risk managment with USA Gymnastics as well as CPR/Director and Director/manager of a gymnastics facility for 3 years. Julie is our HEAD COACH coach teaching Beam, Bar, Vault, Tumbling & our Jr. Olympics program. She also teaches private lessons in tumbling, jumps ,Beam, Bar & Vault.

TRISH LARIMORE: Tumbling, Beam, Bar, Vault, Floor and Mom & Me Classes. Over 15 years of experience before coming to Cinderella. Trained, experienced and certified in gymnastics instruction, safety & risk management .Trish teaches teaching Beam, Bar, Vault, Tumbling , Mom & Me classes and preschool open gym.She also teaches private lessons.

DANNA PERKINS: started with Cinderella at the age of 3 and was on the competition Dance, Gym and Cheer teams and high school cheer team through her teen years. She was also on our Jr. Olympics team. Danna has won numerous awards at Showstoppers Regional and National competitions & at regional and National cheer competitions .She teaches Tumbling, Cheer, Tap, Ballet, beam, bar & vault. This is Dannas 3rd year teaching with Cinderella.

COURTNEY MAUBERGER: Has years of experience in classes at Cinderella. Courtney was on our Competitive Cheer team and our Jr Olympics team. Courtney competed in Allstar cheer competitions and USA Gymnastics. She was a high school cheerleader . This is her 3nd year teaching cheer, Beam, Bar, Vault, tumbling .

HAILEE SEPEDA: Has been with Cinderella since age 3. Hailee was on our Competitive Cheer team and our competitive Dance Team. She competed in Allstar regional and national cheer competitions and Showstopper regional and National Championships.

Kalegrace Lattiere:
Has years of experience in classes at Cinderella. She teaches tumbling, Beam Bar and Vault.

BRITTNEE PARKER: 9 years coaching experience. UCA, NCA,ACA & TCM Certified. Certified with USASF or rules and Safety Regulations She is the cheer Coach for the All Star competitive Cheer team. She also teaches prep cheer classes.

JENNIFER COORY: Has been teaching tumbling and competitive cheer for years with Cinderella. She also assists in Beam, Bar and Vault .

LEXI JOHNSON : Has experience in Cheer , Tumbling plus Beam Bar & Vault.

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