Talk Like a Brit!

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"Mate" = Friend

"Bloke" = Male

"Git" = Old female

"Geezer" = Adult male

"Quid" = One pound = $2.17

"Cheers" = Thanks, your welcome, here you go, your monkey's attractive, etc. Basically everything

"Fancy" = "I like"

"Trousers" = Pants

"Pants" = Briefs

"Gariage" = the way they pronounce garage

"Zed-bra" = zebra

"Fortnight" = Two weeks

"Brov" = Good friend

"Bollox" = Equivalant to 'the shit' or male genitalia

"Yeah" = Used at the end of every sentence, and sometimes throughout. Equivalant to 'eh'

"Aye" = Something Darren and Mike say when the London Eye is spoken about. We don't really understand it

"Ragga" = To be thrifty

"Dear" = Expensive

"Pudding" = Dessert

"Way Out" = Exit

"Give Way" = Yield

"Take Away" = Take out

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