I Frequently Get Horny at the Following Sites...

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-str8 outta T.Bay....show dates, links, bands...itz all good!

Silvanus' Void-if i'm yer "gal-pal" can I call you my "boy-toy"?

Oceanic Tattoos-one of Thunder Bay's newest tattoo shops

TOOL-"you see Rev. Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day, and to them, it is...the...holocaust"

Misfits.com-good ol' horror punk

Misfits Central-dido

UK SUBS-itz punkr'n'r...you'll like it, i promise!

Buzzcocks-for those orgasm addicts in the crowd

Dayglo Abortions-itz sume damn fine canuck punk

Bad Religion-the official band page...go...go to it now, damnit!

2.13.61 Publications-Henry Rollins' Publishing Co.The page also has updates on his upcoming events/new releases etc.

*new*SkinWerks.com-Scott does sume kick ass artwerk! He's even got sume fer sale.

Blanks 77-Oi! Matey

Rancid-official band page...our toilet bowl's even listed in the past gig's list!

Closet Monster-punx from Ajax, ON....good, good stuff!

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts-they've rawked my world since i was a wee lass

The Adverts-the "one chord wonders"!

*new*Daily Tattoo-everything tattoo!

Dirty Bird-punk band from Toronto, ON...go here for a drunkariffic time!

CANed PUNK-Canadian punk zine

WorldWidePunk-I think this onez self-explanitory

Women of 70's Punk-never forget the lovely ladies of punk

Manic Panic-hair dye, wigs, make-up and other brilliant things

The Glue Pit-a picture vault tribute to 'Hawkz -;)

The Hydromatics Page-why do you need an explaination for this one?

Headaches & Jello Shots-kick ass DK site and shhhtuff

Blood Red-punk rock & horror stuff

injusticebusters-because injustice sux

"i dunno"-punk zine stuffed fulla crazy donkey's and gus

The Illustrated Man-*The* most Beautiful man in the world

Vampiro-T.Bay 's very own WCW Wrestler

Piercing Mildred-if you don't want the pain of a piercing, go here!

Sam'n'Ellas Punk Rock Cafe-um, i haven't been here in a while...there was an Indie Juke & sume other shyt

Night of the Creeps-to quote sume zombies: "braaaainnnns"

A Small Piece of Heaven-My Friend Ally's Page!

Paul Boy's Page-best guy friend & one dumbass punk

Justinz Page-friend from Wienerpeg, MB

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein-one of my *absolute* favorite shows when i was a kid...stars Vincent Price

Spawn-I collect the action figures

Anime Stuff-hey,hey, itz anime!

!Exclaim! -the only good thing I can get for free in this shithole....besides sex

The Secret Lair of Tony Walsh(creator of RatBoy)-Ratboy is one crazy rat


drinkmail.com-send a drink to your favorite uncle, mother, or recovering alcoholic

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