Hey, my namez bJ McKay, i'm a grrrl (born: 09.28.79). I live in Shithole (t.bay) Ontario, Canada. For *pleasure* i like music, cheezy B rated horror flix, porn, goin' to showz when they cume around, drinkin' beer, drawing, writing, collecting "junk", blah,blah,blah.....I don't know what else to tell ya. My views/beliefs/opinions are pretty basic: i run my life on fate not religion, racists suck a fat dick, if you don't like the way i look then don't stare, if i hate you itz for one reason or another, weapons are for the weak, i can talk openly about burping, farting, pissin', shittin', pukin' and lotza other things, more bands should play in small cities, and stompin' on hoochies is a good way to relieve tension!!! Everybody has their own views, beliefs etc. so if you can't deal with any of mine then pleez leave quietly cause i don't wanna listen to yer whinning.

Go Bye-Byes

Home Sweet Home

*Thanx go out to my webmistress & my next door neighbour, cause if they weren't here...this page wouldn't be either*