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Happy Gilmoure

Favorite Happy Gilmoure lines

1. Iíll give you a warm glass of shut the hell up! listen to it here

2. Happy, the ball itself has its own energy, or lifeforce if you will. Itís natural environment is in the hole, so why donít you send him home? His bags are packed, heís got his plane tickets, bring him to the airport.......send him home. haha... send him home, just send him home. Itís time to go home there ball. (putt) Son of a bitch ball, why didnít you just go home, thatís youíre home! Are you to good for your home? Answer me!! Suck my white ass ball!!! listen to it here

3. Now you will go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep!

listen to it here.

Happy sites

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The funniest movie ever is Happy Gilmoure. E-mail me with requests. This page is under construction, e-mail me with any ideas.