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RCR's fifth album, Walk On Fire, is now available! Visit the Side One/ Dummy website for more information on the new label the band is signed with.

"Since the June 1996 release of their Warner Bros. debut, Mugzy's Move, RCR have been turning musical tastemakers on their ears with their own unique brand of 'gangster-punk-swing'. This is not your parents' (or grandparents') swing band! They deliver an in-your-face aural and visual experience that is leaving audiences from coast-to-coast, sweaty, out of breath, and, quite frankly, a little stunned. These guys live the life and are the REAL DEAL." (Surfdog Records)

Royal Crown Revue just may have been underrated by the pushers of the neo-swing fad. Somewhere amidst all the hoopla generated by the "new swing" craze, the most talented and truly swingin' of bands got shoved in the back corner. The title of their first album, "Kings of Gangster Bop", 'bout sums it up - they, my friends, ARE the kings.

Credited by those in the know as having initiated the neo-swing movement, RCR has been playing the music they love since 1989. The band consists of seven members: Eddie Nichols (vocals), James Achor (guitar), Mando Dorame (tenor sax), Bill Ungerman (baritone sax), Scott Steen (trumpet), Veikko Lepisto (bass), and Daniel Glass (drums). With some still arguing over who really started this craze, the real leaders have remained quietly in the background, their truly dedicated fans supporting them all the way. It's time the boys from RCR got the recognition they deserve. They are the real deal, so much more than mere fuel for a fad. 1999 by Mary H.

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In a 10/20/99 public chat, Daniel Glass gave some intriguing hints into what the future holds for RCR. Now that the band has their own record company (RCR Records), they are free to expand their horizons. Things to look for in the future? A re-release of Hollywood Tales, an instrumental album, a Louie Prima-style stage act, and more, are all possibilities.


The new Royal Crown Revue release Walks on Fire is now available for purchase! Run run run to your local music store and pick this baby up! The feedback has been very good, and some are saying this is RCR's most creative effort to date.


The Offical RCR Website has been completely revamped. It's lookin' pretty snazzy, with a big scrap book section added, totally new layout, and new and improved message board. Go take a peek.


If you want to hear the music, you have to make the requests! Bug your local radio stations to play RCR. And since visuals are nice too, go holler at MTV to give airtime to the "Barflies at the Beach" and "Zip Gun Bop" videos.


Wether you've never seen them live or you're itchin' to see 'em for the umpteenth time, it's time to mark those calandars, kids! RCR is coming to a town near you. Go check out the tour dates!


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Walk On Fire

The Contender

Caught in the Act

Mugzy's Move

Kings of Gangster Bop

Hey, Santa!

This is a special Christmas CD, released in very small quantities. It includes the title track, plus an additional recording.

Hollywood Tales

A true RCR fanatic's dream to find, this is actually a cassette tape that was released prior to Mugzy's Move. Only 500 copies made available, this was the first RCR recording without the Stern brothers. Most of the tracks on this one ended up on other RCR CDs.

Buy the music: CDnow

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