The No Post Guide:

This document is NOT an extension of the FAQ for and will NOT be enforced the same as the FAQ is enforced.

It is NOT the duty of a moderator to enforce copywrite issues. It is the sole responsibility of the copywrite owners to enforce their own copywrites. This newsgroup does NOT solicit or endorse the posting of files when it is known the copywrite owners do NOT wish their work reposted. The moderator will work with ANY copywrite owners if there has been a violation.

Anyone posting images from the below list will NOT recieve a warning. However you may (or may not) recieve a "reminder" that the images are on this list. This will be done at the discretion of the moderator.

If images are posted from the list below the copywrite owner MAY be notified if contact information is known.

Again, it is NOT the duty of a moderator to enforce copywrite issues. Copywrite violations MAY be reported by anyone. Newsgroups are public and viewed by many. Please post responsibly and respect the wishes of those on the list below who do NOT wish their work reposted. Failure to do so MAY cause you to be reported by anyone who views your posts and it MAY not be a moderator.

Black Cat (aka Yossi and Chat Noir)
Cassie Child Model
David Hamilton
Dmouser (Precious Visions, Lindsey, Taylor, Brittany, Kari, Cassie Child Model and others)
Don Marcus (this includes all the Magic Scans except the Babinsky drawings)
Hyde Model ( and
Jacques Bourboulon
Jessi The Kid
Jock Sturges
Jonathan Gontar (Sara, Jennifer and others)
Karen's Treasures (Mary Clare, Amy Dianne, Hannah E., Kelley Anne and Shiloh C.)
Katia (Henry Herbert aka Gege. Exception: Papaka pics and vids)
LA Stanaman (Exception: Morena Park Vidcaps that were originally posted by Alessandra's Smile)
Larry Trone (Danielle, Jerica and others)
Loraine (the ones by Photo-San)
Maxwell Websites (Our Little Angels, Select-A-Shoot and others)
Michael McCabe (Twins and others)
Molly-Model (Gary Smith)
Most Posters to ABP.Children and ABPFY (Shadetree, Uni, Little Rascal, etc.)
Mxphoto (Reanna and others)
Pammy (Pammywebs)
Paul Jones (Whitney, Abby, Rachel, Holly, Erin, Jenny, and others. Now includes Terry Callahan's Britnee, Karlee, Ashley and Kacey)
Ron Oliver
PhotoStudio17 (Gary Smith)
Sally Mann
Shelly Parrish (Cassie Child Model)
Steve's CDs (Mary, aka Marianna, Nicole, Jennifer, Mandy, Amanda T, and others)
Stormy (stormys girls and lil darlins)
Terry Callahan (Britnee, Karlee, Kacey, Ashley and others)
The Siberian (Amanda - not Highwayman's Amanda)
Thumper (Photosbythumper, beaconmodels, veri-geri, Ashley)
Webe Web Websites

Last modified on January 9, 2003