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A Little About Me

I was born about 35 years before the Purity Crusade.   I was quite the happy little naÔveí Reliever.  Watching over dreams delivering messages to various Ethereals or Celestials from Blandine.  Life was good.  Many humans would find my life at this time, much to boring or my work far to trivial.

I didnít a clue, not even Ĺ a clue what Uriel was planning.  (I dare say neither did Blandine or she would done something before it happened.)

Then came that faithful day that would effect me for the rest of my existence.   When I saw Uriel leading his massive army, I was elated.  (We were going to give the Infernal Hoard a sound trashing this time.)  (Dear mortal readers you can not even begin to imagine the beauty or majesty of that many Angels gathered together in one place.)  The light from Gabrielís Cathedral shined brightly across the Vale.  I took this as a good sign, know that Gabrielís Cathedral and its surrounding area reflect her mood.  I thought that she was happy, even ecstatic at what Uriel was doing.  Only to find out much later that she was real pissed.  (Uriel trying to push things so the Final Trumpet would blow.) 

I was giddy as I followed along.  Then it began; The Purity Crusade was officially under way.  When I saw what was going on I was in shock.  Why were good Angels just arbitrarily killing every non-celestial in sight?   I made it to Land of Fairie as fast as I could.  Oh the HORROR, Big, bad, Malakim slaughtering Pixies!   I was to late help any of friends; I only arrived in time to see them murdered before my eyes.  I went back to vale.  I would have been an easy target for any infernals, because I was experiencing Trauma without loosing a vessel.  It was over as quick as it began.  (Adolph Hitlerís Blitz seemed to crawl compared to Uriel and his HOARD)

I don't know how long I was out it when someone told me Uriel was to stand trial for his attack.   The news brought me out of my apathy.  A friend of mine told me that just didn't matter, the most Uriel was going to get was a slap on the hand and told not to do that again.   I was appauled that he would say such a thing. We waited for news on how the trial was going and the verdict.  

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