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The poems of Middle Earth

First of all I´d like to start with with a riddle...

~~ Gandalfs Riddle ~~

Ere iron was found or tree was hewn,
When young was mountain under moon; Ere ring was made, or wrought was woe, It walked the forrests long ago.

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Gandalfs song of Lóriel

In Dwimordene, in Lórien

Seldom have walked the feet of men,

Few mortal eyes have seen the light

That lies there ever, long and bright.

Galadriel ! Galadriel !

Clear is the water of your well;

White is the star in your white hand;

Unmarred, unstained is leaf and land

In Dwinmordene, in Lórien

More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men

Hobbits Battle song

Long live the Halflings ! Praise them with great praise !
Cuio i Pheriain anann ! Aglar´ni Pheriannath !
Praise them with great praise, Frodo and Samvise !
Daur a Berhael, Conin en Annûn ! Eglerio !
Praise them !
Eglerio !
A laita te, laita te ! Andave laituvalmet !
Praise them !
Cormacolindor, a laita tárienna !
Praise them ! The Ring-bearers, praise them with great praise.

Malbeth the Seer´s words

Over the land lies a long shadow,
westward reaching wings of darknes.
The tower trembels; to the tombs of kings doom approaches.
The dead awaken; for the hour is come for the oathbreakers:
At the Stone of Erech they shall stand again, and hear the horn in the hills ringing.
Whose shall the horm be ?
Who shall call them from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?
The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.



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