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Theo's In Nomine FAQ & FYI


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The Lady Blandine's Celestial form is a winged unicorn.

The Archangel Gabriel is not mad, insane, or anything else like that.  In fact she is lucid and one of the nicest Angels to be around.

The Gods of Mythology are God's creation, not man's.  Their purpose was to give man an understanding of higher spiritual concepts.  In many ways they are like the Archangels, in so much that sphere of control is much like being worded.

Lilith does not live in Hell anymore.  She has a Palace in the Marches.   She exercised her Word of freedom a long time ago.  Any way she prefers to live on neutral ground.

Malakim [Longish] was written by:
Cute and fluffy....(with claws)<tm>
Kafziel, Ofanim of Light , Master of the Realms of Night (if you can mangle Lilim as a singular -I can mangle Ofanim
IN> Malakim [Longish]

Player looking through the IN rulebook in character generation: "I want to play a Malakim - so I'll take the Fighting, Dodge, Large Weapon etc. skills right?... Oh and Song of Thunder..."

The Malakim resonance is for Honor not combat - based on pure Resonance the Calabim are overall the more effective Celestial fighters - and on the angelic side I'd say the Ofanim are.  So why do all Malakim get lumped into combat bunny category?  'Historically' in IN I'd blame Uriel - psycho little freak that he was :)  (I like to make my biases clear at the start:), but in game mechanical terms - well the write-ups under each Superior make it clear.

And then there is that Oath - "I shall not suffer an evil to live, when it my choice".  Stereotypical Malakim of the Sword - there is an evil before me - therefore I will kill it and so the 'live' part of the Oath becomes the critical bit.  Malakim under orders from a s(S)uperior to leave this demon/dodgy human alone takes the 'when it is my choice" part as critical.  The third option of course is removing the evil. Redemption.

I can certainly see some deeply honorable Malakim of Flowers working to redeem the Fallen - I was always a little uncomfortable with the blanket statement that Novalis has few Malakim as they are too violent - I don't really like the immediate equation of Honor with violence - surely some Malakim could find another way to show their honor.  And I can see Malakim of War having some following both attitudes - recruitment of a valuable resource is better than its destruction after all - and there are plenty of hints in the books that Michael is that pragmatic (er his Saints in particular).  The rest of the Malakim of War might not generally know of them perhaps...

Hmmm - another point here is the general fear demons have of Malakim - particularly with regard to the 'quick' help Malakim sometimes give a potential demonic Redemption candidate - I sincerely hope that they hadn't found confirmation via Resonance or other Celestial means that the demon was a true candidate - I don't see any Archangel being happy with a trigger happy Malakim at that point - even Laurence understands the value of military intelligence after all.  Basically angels are discouraging demons from attempting to Redeem which is wrong - I know an argument can be made about the importance of Faith - but there is also a reasonable argument that since the demon has removed itself from God's grace it is up to it to find it's way to a suitable angel as part of its penance and expecting divine help is egocentric in a way they should be trying to deny at that time.  But that debate always comes up with Faith - it is described better for IN in the APG (IIRC).

While I can see David, Archangel of Stone, taking the tough approach - I really can't see a fair few other Archangels being happy with the idea.

Blandine: Her Malakim Attunement is fine as it stands (very nice too :) ) but given her connections to Novalis - and the whole matter of the Word of Fear - I can certainly see strong potential here for redemptionist Malakim.

David: Already covered above.  Although this could be altered a lot with how you see David - as per Fall of the Malakim - er he's probably too stupid to have an opinion on the issue frankly, but if you look at the idea of growing stronger in groups - then a group an angels picking a demon to take into that group to gain some of their strength of spirit doesn't seem that unreasonable.  Not your average Malakim of Stone admittedly - but an interesting potential.  Oh and any Malakim of Stone can use the time while he waiting for his foe to attack to attempt a conversion natch :)

Dominic: I'm not getting the debate on Dominic being dodgy and suspicious here - but if you are slanting him you've probably already worked out how his Choirs act anyway - but taking at the main books desc - and the impression I got from his expanded write-up - most of his Malakim would be busy with Triads - but Triads investigating the demonic community on Earth for redemption candidates are a possibility.

Eli: Given the general slightly more ah 'relaxed' attitudes of these Servitors I can a distinct split between those who went to work for Michael, those to Gabriel, and those work as redemptionists.  Course a faker trying to catch out one of these guys is going have very interesting fight on their hands if they get caught out :)

Gabriel: I'd say these guys are too busy - the world is very full of cruel people who need their attention - Gabriel needs the release from pain they provide her.  I'd think they'd be sympathetic though to the redemptionists.  And I could see quite a few who would not immediately go for the You're cruel - you die approach - You're cruel - so stop it or else more likely.

Janus: Definitely sympathetic, and I think even a dodgy Dominic would be happy if it quieted down the disturbance these guys would otherwise make:)  Bit too long term though...  Although keeping a potential redemption candidate on the move is quite a good idea now that I think about it more.

Jean: Not got my book with me - and I can't rem what they get and what they do as an assignment - drat.

Jordi: Well I think the relevant word here is predator - and I don't think many of his Malakim would be redemptionists - if any.

Laurence: There is certainly a place for 'traditional' Demon-Hunter Malakim - and its here.  But can see a small group of Redemptionists here taking a slightly different angle on the Word of Purity - purification on the small scale so that each individual soul is cleansed.  It's fairly hard to argue against the idea that demons can redeem and those who want to should be helped - it is just how far you are willing to go to meet them that is the issue.

Marc:  Oh I like the whole style of the canon Malakim of Trade - I'm just not sure about what the Virtues are doing as spies.  I like James Bond too, but still...  Checking for Demons of Greed and Media within the corporate structure - taking them on in their mutual home ground - but then that does pretty much about to the canon thing...  Oh well - fairn enough :)

Michael: Already covered above.

Novalis: Already covered apart from the issue of her Attunement for them.  Perhaps an addition to their Resonance so that they can see how the code of honor of the target should(in terms of how best it could be improved and expanded) grow ?- make them popular with Destiny Servitor's certainly.

Yves: These guys already have a difficult job but the redemptionist philosophy basically is their job so no problem really.

I'll think I'll leave this here for now - Minor Superiors aren't really required to make the point any further.

:) )


As soon as you send me questions I will post them with the answers.

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