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"The year is 2013. There are only a few scattered bands of survivors living in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Traveling through this devastated world of the future is a man and his mule."

A Man and His Mule, Bill

Performing Shakespeare to earn food and temporary lodging, this loner makes his way across the barren land."

"Captured by Holnists, led by insane General Bethlehem, he's trained to join their army.

"After his dramatic escape, he discovers an abandoned mail truck. Spending the night reading old mail, he takes the clothes from the dead mail carriers bones."

The Postman is Born

"When he first disguises himself as a postman, it is only to get food and lodging. However he is soon caught up in his own fantasy. He becomes The Postman."
"His first follower is an impressionable young man named Ford Lincoln Mercury. He believes in The Postman and persuades him to swear him in as a mail carrier."

"Abby, whose husband can't have children because of the measles, asks the Postman to father her child. Although hesitant at first, Abby persuades him. After a night of passion, The Postman leaves on his journey..."