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True love never dies...

Prince Vlad, devastated by the loss of his beautiful young wife Elizabeatha, curses God. God visits the curse back on the warrior prince. He dooms him to travel the earth for all eternity, surviving on the blood of other humans. The legend of Dracula is born! In "Bram Stoker's Dracula" directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Prince Vlad/Dracula, is portrayed by Gary Oldman. Elizabeatha/Mina is played by Winona Ryder.

"Good bye my love..."

Elizabeatha has taken her own life. She is doomed to hell.
Prince Vlad curses God and is cursed to wander the earth for eternity living on the blood of others.

Dracula is born!

"Enter freely, of your own will, and leave a little of the happiness you bring..."
Dracula welcomes Jonathan Harker from London. Dinner is set for one. Prince Vlad tells Harker of the family history of the Draculs and his desire to move to London. He does not join Harker at dinner. Harker is uncomfortable. He assumes it is because of the strange customs of the country.

"I don't" Dracula tells Harker. By the time Harker escapes Dracula's castle he knows very well what sustains the Prince's life. However Dracula is already en route to London and his search for Harker's fiancee Mina, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Elizabeatha.

Prince Vlad Meets Mina

Mina is charmed by the mysterious Prince Vlad.


Although Mina has fallen in love with "her Prince", when her fiance Jonathan is found she hurries to Transylvania to marry him. Prince Vlad is heartbroken and distraught at once again losing his Elizabeatha.

In spite of the precautions of all involved, Dracula goes to Mina. Unable to resist her love for Prince Vlad she welcomes him into her arms. He tells her "There is no life in this body" and confesses he is the monster men seek to kill. But she succumbs.
"Take me away from all this death..." she pleads.

In the end it is Mina's love that sets Prince Vlad free to join his beloved Elizabeatha in death.


Thanks to Sue! I could NEVER have done this without your help!