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The Bad Word Gallery

Jennifer Lost the War- totaly clean

Elders- fuck and bull shit each once

Out On Patrol- clean

Crossroads- clean

Demons- clean

Beheaded- no bad words but is totaly gross

Tehran- damned 3 times...but in good taste

A Thousand Days- clean

Blackball- clean

I'll Be Waiting- clean

Kill the President- clean

Session- God damn 2 times

We Our One- shit once and fuck twice

Kick Him When He's Down clean

Take It Like A Man- clean

Get It Right- clean

Dirty Magic- clean

Hypodermic- clean

Burn It Up- Bitchen' twice

No Hero- Fuck 3 times

L.A.P.D.- damn once

Nothing form Something- shit once

Forever and a day- clean

Nitro- clean

BadHabit- fuck 3 times, shit once, damn once, and crap once

Gotta Get Away- clean

Genocide- clean

Something to Belive- clean

Come Out and Play- clean

Self Esteem- clean

It'll Be a Long Time- clean

KillBoy Powerhead- shit once

What Happened to You- clean

So Alone- clean

Not the One- clean

Smash- fuck once, asshole twice, and shit once

The Meaning Of Life- clean

Mota- fuck once and ass once

Me & My Old Lady- shit once

Cool to Hate- fuck twice

Leave It Behind- fuck once

Gone Away- clean

I Choose- Fuck twice

Intermission- clean and very catchy

All I Want- clean

Way Down The Line- clean

Don't Pick It Up- clean

Amazed- clean

Change The World- clean

Have You Ever- clean

Staring At the Sun- damn once

Pretty Fly For A White Guy- ass once

The Kids Aren't Alright- damn once and hell once

Feelings- sort of clean

She's Got Issues- shit once

Walla Walla- bullshit once

The End Of the Line- clean

No Brakes- shit once

Why Don't You Get A Job-dick once, bitch once, and ass once

Americana- fuck 3 times

Pay The Man- clean

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