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The Offspring is

basically started out with Bryan "Dexter" Holland and Greg Kreisel in 1984.The group was called Manic Subsidal and consisted of two others, too. Later, Noodles (Kevin Wasserman) joined, and then Ron Welty. He was only sixteen. After changing their name to The Offspring, they put out their self-titled album, followed by Ignition in 1992 and Smash in 1994. A year later they re-recorded their self-titled album with Nitro records. In 1997, they put out their fourth album, Ixnay on the Hombre. Now they have just realiced the new album Americana. _______________________________________________________________________________ Members

Ron Welty: drums youngest member of The Offspring
born Feb. 1, 1971
has a son named Trevon
also part of a band called Spinning Fish
stepsister introduced him to dexter
at first, he just substituted for Manic Subsidal's drummer, who missing gigs because of med school. got electronics degree
has 5-year-old son
used to work at yogurt-and-muffin shop

Greg Kreisel: bass goes by: Greg K
born Jan. 12, 1965
was on high school track team with Dexter
father was investment-banker
he wanted Greg to go to law school
sports fan and jock in high school
worked in print shopgot B.A. in finance from Long Beach State
campaigned for Clinton
Interests: golf, camping, collecting hats
wants fans to throw him hats on stage

Kevin Wasserman: guitar, bg vocals goes by: Noodles
born Feb. 4, 1963
worked as public school janitor
has daughter named Chelsea
"I still have attitude," says Noodles, "but I just cuss a lot less. My life is punk rock, Barbies and Disneyland." (from Rolling Stone, 9/22/94 Issue 691, p25, 3p, 2c.) Interests: fishing, snowboarding, surfing, skating

Bryan Holland: vocals, guitar goes by: Dexter Holland
born Dec. 29, 1966
married to Kristine Luna
valedictorian of his high school class
born third of four children
father was hospital-administrator
mother was schoolteacher
hoped to be a doctor
went to school at Pacifica High in Garden Grove, California (as well as greg and noodles)
favorite bands were T.S.O.L.,the Adolescents, and Agent Orange
got a Ph.D. in molecular biology at USC (earned after Smash)
thesis was on cloning a virus
runs Nitro Records

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