Bret Hart Quotes

The following are some interesting quotes that Bret 'Hitman' Hart has said.

 “ I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!”

“You are about to be EXCELLENTLY EXECUTED!!”

Ric Flair:- “C’mon Bret, say that little saying about today, yesterday and tomorrow.”
Bret Hart:- “You mean that little saying where I say that I'm the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be? Well I'm gonna add something to the end of it, I'm gonna add: WHOOOOOOO!!!! to the end of it!

“ To be the man, you've gotta beat the man.”

 Myself, (Tara Peters) to Bret Hart in a live chat at Slam Wrestling:-

“Have you got any plans to rebuild the great Hart Foundation?”

Bret Hart:- “Brian Pillman’s dead. Jim Neidhart is in exile. And the British Bulldog seems like he's falling apart physically, so I guess if my Dad Stu wants to pull on his old black tights....And Owen is still stuck in the minors.”

 (Bret’s first appearance on Nitro, just before Starrcade ‘97.)

Bret Hart:- “And if you're looking for a referee, is that what you want? A referee? I would be honoured to be the referee for this match.”

Eric Bischoff:- “Yo Bret man, 7.5 mil a year of Ted Turner's money, you, me 4 Life!”

Bret Hart:- “....But.....but, do watcha can, win if you can, but don't look to me for any help. Cos nobody knows better than I do, what it's like to get screwed over by a referee. You're on your own Jack!”

“I never felt that Shawn Michaels was very honourable or had any integrity at all. I thought he was a lying piece of shit, to be quite honest.”

( I can attest to that. Shawn Michaels is a liar. For those of you who have seen “Hitman Hart:- Wrestling with Shadows”, you know that in the locker rooms after The Screwvivour Series, oh I mean The Survivor Series in Montreal, you would know that when Michaels was accused by The
Harts of being in on the screw job, Michaels said “I wash my fucking hands of it”, like we ever believed that, anyway when I met Shawn Michaels in December when he came out to Australia I wore my Bret Hart shirt to stand up for the Hitman. Through the cries of boos and other curses of which I took no notice of and even after I was spat at, I still held my head up high with pride because I knew that I was sticking up for and being loyal to Bret, I was doing it for Bret and all the loyal
Hitman fans around the world. I was surprised at how nice Michaels was to me considering that I am a Bret fan and I have to give Michaels credit on his response to all the people that were in attendance, but when I heard him say “I was in on it too”, I just thought “So you admit it now you
fucking liar” and I left disgusted.)

 “ I never used to really think of myself as a role model but then I started looking at the people out there who some kids look up to. I don't think they give the right message to kids. I realised that I'm identifiable worldwide and I've found that I have  a pretty good rapport with kids.”

“ Yeah, in a lot of ways I have changed. I still believe in doing what's right, but my idea of what's right has changed. There are a lot of broken heroes in wrestling and Sting is one of them.....just like me. And just like me, he's seen that the line between right and wrong isn't as clear as black and white, or red and black. It is, was and always will be pink and black.”

“ Now that I've left that company, like so many others before me, like Savage and Hogan, I unfortunately have lost my history and my legacy. I feel a lot like a singer, maybe Frank Sinatra, who, for years, wrote and sang some of the greatest songs of all-time for a record company only to be swerved in the end and forbidden to sing those songs ever again. “These songs belong to us and from here on in, Mr. Hitman, you and your lousy tunes don't exist!”

"What is the point of calling yourself the best if you truly don't believe that in your mind?"

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