Brian Pillman Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of the late, great Brian Pillman. He battled all through his short life, never took no for an answer and never gave up which helped him always achieve the best that he could possibly do. He is an inspiration to me.
He was a great wrestler in his own right and a great member of THE HART FOUNDATION!
Brian Pillman
22/5/1962  -  5/10/1997
.......Thanks for the memories

* Football All-American. Miami University of Ohio, 1984.
* Professional Football Career:-
     Cincinnati Bengals, 1984.
     Buffalo Bills, 1985.
     Calgary Stampeders (CFL), 1986.
     Winner of the NFL’s “Ed Block Courage Award.”
     As a Member of the Bengals.
* Two-Time Stampede International Tag Team Champion With Bruce Hart, 1987.
* World Tag Team Champions, As a Member of the Hollywood Blondes with Steve Austin, 1993.
* Former Member of the IV Horsemen.
* Became a World Wrestling Federation Superstar, 1996.
* Devoted Husband and Loving Father.

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