Link To My Site

I would really appreciate it very much, if you are the owner of a website, if you could link back here to mine :)
Of course it is your choice, but I would very muchly (is that a word??) hehe appreciate it if you could :)
The best way to link back to this page would be carrying my banner :)
I know that sounds time consuming and complicated, but it really isn't all that difficult :)
Just copy and paste this html code to your page:

<*a href="*><*img src="*></a>
(Don't forget to take out the *'s!) :)

The end result should look something like this:

But if you can't really be bothered putting my banner on your page, then that is cool too, hehehe cos I know how you feel :)
(Best thing is to get a links page like mine from )
Anyways, as I was saying I know how annoying it is using banners and stuff, so you can also use plain text :)

Just type:
Tara's Bret 'Hitman' Hart Page
and link it to:

<*a href="*> Tara's Bret 'Hitman' Hart Page<*/a>

(Again, don't forget to take out the *'s)   :)

It should look something like this, (with your font & colour of course!)

 Tara's Bret Hitman Hart Page

SIMPLE!!! hehehehe :)

Best thing to remember is just the address of this site which is:
or simpler:

Don't forget to tell everyone you know about this site hehehe :)))

- Tara