Goodbye You Bitches

By Tara Peters

She tries to live up to the expectations
Of those who no longer care
Trying not to be hurt when the people around her
Can only laugh and stare
At the girl that sits in the corner
With the metal teeth and the messy hair

She tries her best to be like them
But of course, without any luck
But then she thinks well what's the use
They don't even give a fuck

She tries her best to be nice to them
Even though she is hurting, not wanting to be rude
But no matter what she does or how nice she is
There again, is their bitchy attitude
She wonders why they are like this...
Why the hell are they always in this mood??

They yell and scream and shout at her
She just wants to know why?
But no matter what happens
She ain't gonna let them make her cry

One of them is a follower yeah
She is just along for the ride
But this chick knows she is not being herself
And is only trying to hide

She doesn't know what's up with the other one
The one who makes her life hell
She tries to be nice to this girl...even though its hard
But of course, in return she can only yell...
She has given up telling her stuff
Cos she'll only go behind her back and tell

She thinks to herself, why do I let these people rule
My life, my thoughts, my every action...
These people are in no way 'cool'
Her pain is how they gain their satisfaction...

Why the hell must they make it their job
To continually put her down
To tell her that everything that she thinks is good
The love that she has found
Is wrong, should and will never be...
But then she realises she needs to bring herself round

She needs right now to say goodbye to these bitches
To break herself out of this mental trap
Of thinking she is bad that she is nothing
And god she hates them for that

They have no right to interfere 
In what she thinks is right
She will no longer let them shape her
No longer will she cry at night
For there is no way that she is gonna let them
Win this internal fight

For she can only be herself
Nothing will ever change that matter of fact
She needs to forget them and get them out of her life
And never ever look back

So goodbye to all you bitches
No longer will she have to pretend
To be cool or something that she's not
Thanx for letting her realise that in the end
Before it was too late, Before you made her do something stupid
That you guys were never really her friends.

No use watching....waiting
For something to happen
When you know it just won't change

So I'll pack my bags
Get on a train
Never coming back again
Make my way back home
Back to being myself
Back to the open arms
The arms that love me
I am ME
and that's all I can be
and ever will be

If you let other people shape you
Into what they think is cool...
There is only one thing to say...
You are...I have been.... nothing but a fool

Put more fuel on the fire
That burns with the desire yeah
The desire to be accepted
The real you intercepted...
Girl you are nothing but a dreamer
Be yourself 
For yourself
For the people that love you
Cos in the End
They will be there for you...
Your true friends
Till the end
Baby I swear
That I'll be there
till the end

Goodbye you bitches........