Do you spit at the face staring back in the Mirror? Do you have any self-respect? Well what the hell did you expect....

I love my friends, all 3 of them

This is only a VERY small circle of my fond aqqaintances!

Me and Gem! We love each other (Can u tell?)

YES!!! I KNOW you don't believe it!! I actually have some matey bobs!! Please, good people, do not be alarmed, they are clinically sane (well, as far as my doctor tells me! HEY DR. LOUDENSACK!!! Your daughter is a FAB actress!!! Hope she comes back to Emmerdale!) ummm. sorry. Yes, back to my dear friends......

PARK!! - (Park being Heather)Park is a very good little girl, always honest!!*ahem* We are the bestest of net mates, but really good mates at school too!

Sharkah -Mr Howarth.... ass kicking time..... (she's a mate from school too)

Toft - Got the net up and running now then? (yes, Toft is too!)

Lauren - LOLLY POP!! I could suck you all day, but I, sadly, prefer salty chocolate balls......*l*

Bex-Oh queen of gorgeousnessness and nauseation, I grovel at your feet and hug you in English, even though the evil Peahead forbids, ridicules and torments us for't. Here is a poem off Bexter-o-matic:

Here's a poem to keep u going

I wish I was a glow worm,

A glow worm's never glum,

But how can you be unhappy,

When the sun shines out your bum!!

Elinor- OK, Elly-Welly, why you become a famous musician or summat similar, don't forget little auld me! I may not be able to sing, but I enjoy it! Please don't take that away from me... *l* May John, Paul, George and Ringo, continue to lighten our lives.... (:

Andy, sweetie, I'll do your ickle write up l8er, seeing as someone deleted it. And no, I'm not blaming u NOW Steve......

Bazza Baz lives in Kendal, his proper name is Chris. He has created a page all about and for KENDAL MINT CAKE and his homepage is pretty kewl too (find it in my lynx page). I am extremely impressed by his page, I'm gonna have to get an award scheme going 4 that... hmmm.... anyway! HEY BAZ!! Chick a dee! *l* Great taste in music btw!!, pity he's too stuck into that porn business.. *|*

David - What can I say? My friend. David, you are a true friend and no one could ever tell you any less than that! If they say owt else....tell me.... I am pretty fearsome... especially when you meet me in the subway to the bus station and are called Daniel Moore....

Majjy - Daniel (I know a a lot of Daniels you will see) is my NUMBER ONE LOVER!!! He was even awarded this in a special ceremony!! *mwa* baby cakes!!

Young -My fellow young Beatles fan. We haven't spoken for a while, but we will! I hope.....

Wolf - You're a friend.... need I say more.... oh yeah... I OWE YOU ONE!

Dom - This is Dominic, not Dominion my horse... Dom is my student friend from work...while he makes pizzas and I do whatever I'm meant to do (??) he is the only one I can chat to about computers! AND HE'S NOT A 'PROPER GEEK' as Ketna would say *l* Go see Dom's page!

The Coyte's Den

Craig aka Moosemonkey - MOOSEY POOS!!! I hope you're reading this you big galloot! You haven't authorized me for ICQ yet!!! *l* luv ya really!

Steve - This is my Stevie. He is my babycakes, my sweetheart, EVERYTHING! We met about a year and a half ago in ISUR and are now a firm net couple. If you have a problem with this, then tell me, and prepare for Steve and I to kick your ass repeatedly... no matter where you are...

Well, I hope that's everyone... if you feel left out.... mail me (if you are a true friend, you will have my new E-mail address)! And I know there's a lot of males on here, but these are just my friends who can look at this! e.g. ones on the net! I'm British, remember, about a quarter, or less, have the net! I have MANY other female friends... I go to an all (hah Wolf! No spelling mistakes or typos now! *l*) girls' school! I'd be a bit of a bill if I just had Park! I will add others as they get online! Ciao bambini.....

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