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I have fallen in love with a person on the other side of my computer......

I would never think this could be possible,
Without knowing you or knowing anything about you...,
Not knowing what you look like.
All I know is what you "say", and all I can "see" is your thoughts.
And we can talk about EVERYTHING
You understand me so well !
You laugh at my jokes and I love everything You say.
You make me feel so pretty. You make me feel important.
I don't have to hide anything from You

Are we soul mates ? I think so....

I can understand now how blind people fall in love...
They "see" the spirit and the soul of the person they fall in love with.
What's on the outside doesn't matter then...

And now I have "seen" you, and I think I LOVE YOU....

You make me so happy, I think of you all day, every day.

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