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"Fiber Animals"
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3/10/12: 90% Wensleydale ram for sale $500. 2 years old and proven. Not registered. Gorgeous lustrous wool and large size. 530-391-0549. Located near Placerville , CA. Email Roberta.
3/7/12: Many colors, Suri and Huacaya alpacas for sale, pets to show quality animals, $500 and up. We specialize in multis, pintos and appaloosas but have solid colored animals also. Raw fleece also for sale, price depending on weight/type/age of animal. Average fleece prices are $10 per pound for 1sts blanket fleece, more for younger and Suri, less for older animals and 2nds. Raw fleece is uncleaned with vegetable matter. Tell me what you need and I'll make you a deal! Email Susan

1/6/12: FOR SALE OR BARTER!! We have several nice young alpaca males for sale! $500 & up & discounts on multiple animal purchase. Will consider barters (spinning wheel, farm equipment, vehicles, horse tack, tools, sugar gliders etc) Ongoing owner support to help you with transportation, fencing, shearing, medical education. They are herd animals & need another alpaca or llama companion. If you don't have alpacas/llamas, they must go in pairs. These animals have been trained for our 4-H club & have been shown successfully! Alpacas are fun to own, a pleasure to watch in the field and their fiber is great for fiber arts or to sell. We have females available also, they sell with 2 free breedings to your choice of herdsires. Prices vary $2000 - $$5000. We are in Ridgeway VA. 276-358-2378. Email Laura

12/7/11: Satin Angoras in white, fawn, and red. All have pedigrees and produce a fiber that when spun has an iridescent sheen to it. Does are $100 each and bucks are $75 each. Will give discounts if multiple rabbits are purchased. Email Stacie.
12/3/11:Blue English Angora Rabbit Wool For Sale!! 10 ounces pure angora wool form my show bunny. Lite Blue not dyed - right from the bunny. Super clean and so soft. No matts. 4-5 inches long. $6.00 ounce. Get it before I spin it to yarn!

Snow White Giant Angora Rabbit Wool For Sale!! 1 pound pure angora wool form my show bunny. Super clean and so soft. No matts. 4-5 inches long. $6.00 ounce. Get it before I spin it to yarn!

English Angora Rabbits For Sale!! Lite Blonde Fawn Doe, 8 Months old - Pedigree. Beautiful Spinning Wool. Show Quality. $125.00.

REW English Angora Rabbit For Sale!! Snow White with Ruby Red Eyes. Easy keeper - soft abundant wool. Sweet girl. $125.00. 931-946-2030. Email Rose.

12/3/11: WANTED: I am looking for some black, natural suri alpaca yarn to buy. Email Jeannette.
12/3/11: I have 25 pounds of washed kid and yearling White Mohair for Sale for $10 a pound. This is the fleece blanket as it comes off the goat. It is not loose locks. There are locks but they are attached to the blanket. This is great for dyeing and have made into batts or roving. I do not want to sell this in small amounts. It is a great buy for someone who can use the whole thing. You can blend it with other fiber for processing also. Email Apple Rose Farm.
12/3/11: We have beautiful White Angora Kids for sale for $100 each. These are wethers from Registered White Angora Goats. We want to reduce out population of goats and offer these at $100 each. They were sheared in October and each produced five pounds of excellent locks. Our goats are bred to produce heavy coats of fleece twice a year. Email Apple Rose Farm.
12/2/11: Hip Deep In Sheep! I have purebred Shetlands, way too many. They are not registered, and are going for the bargain price of $50 each. Ewes and wethers, no rams. I have Shaela (black with white hairs), grey, moorit (browns), in 2 year old, 3 year old, and older. Hand fed friendly miniature sheep. Midden Meadows, Langlois, OR. Email Sandie.
12/2/11: I raise Angora rabbits. I have a few bucks for sale, as well as some prime wool. Prices range from $25 to $125 and quick shipping. Bunny wool is $5.00 per ounce USD. Email Sue.

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