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NICE TO MEET YOU MY DEAR GUEST!!!!! ************************************************************************************ My name is Roman and I am 22 years old Ukrainian man. First, let me to tell you the story of my life. I was born in a small place named Pidvysoke in Ternopil region in Western Ukraine in Eastern Europe. I grew up in a district town named Berezhany in the same region. My parents and 2 brothers and sister still live there.I attended and finished school there and afterwards I entered the Lviv University in Lviv. ***************************************************************************************** Lviv is the largest and very old and nice city in Western Ukraine. Take a photo tour to this city! There is a special link to Lviv below. Click it! I studied in Lviv for 5 years until June 97. I studied history and I was especially interested in Ancient Middle Eastern history and in particular in Ancient Hebrew history being specialised in Jewish history and culture. Finlally I finished this university in June 97 and I got diploma with inscription in it: "Historian specialist and teacher of history" But I have decided to continue my studies and I had entered the Central European University in Budapest in Hungary, where I live and study now. I welcome you to visit my University's home page. Click the special link about my university below!!! I came to Hungary in the end of August'97 and I will study here until June '98. I am doing my Master's degree in modern Central European history here. Budapest is very nice and charming city and I invite you to visit my link to Budapest as well. I like traveling and languages very much. Last summer I studied The International Finnish language and culture course for a month in Rauma in Western Finland and I fell in love with this beautiful Nordic country. You are welcome to make a cyber visit to my beloved country Finland. Please take a look at my Finnish link.You will find there everything about Finland... This summer I traveled to Greece visiting Thessaloniki and Athens. I love Ancient Greek history and I studied Greek language myself. I encourage you to make a cyber trip to Greece also at: ***************************************************************** My native language is Ukrainian, very nice sounding Slavic language. I am sure you will like Ukrainian language and culture. Here is the address of WWW location to it: Here is the address of Ukrainian Business pages: ****************************************************************** Besides my native Ukrainian I studied and I know also Russian, German, French (I'm studying it now and I like France), Finnish and Hebrew (very poor knowledge) as well as Polish (I'm 12% Pole) So far I have been to many countries: Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Macedonia and Hungary where I am now. So I am very fond of traveling and languages. I am Christian also and I am very interested in Old Testament and Israel.I would like to visit this country someday. You are invited to visit my Bible link below too. I like Internet and I enjoy correspondence with young people from all over the world, so I would greatly appreciate if you would write me to: (valid from 1.9.97 until 31.6.98) or to (valid forever...) **************************************************************************************** My current addresses are (valid from 1.9.97 until 31.6.98): Roman Zakhariy room 747 Central European University Center Kerepesi Ut 87 H-1106 Budapest, Hungary or Roman Zakhariy Department of History Central European University Nador utca 9 H-1051 Budapest, Hungary Sorry that there is no picture of myself at this page but as far as my physical appearence goes I am 181cm. tall, 70kg, with light brown hair and gray eyes... ************************************************************** PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY PAGE AND WELCOME YOU AGAIN HERE!!!!!

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