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Xena Warrior Princess Homepage

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Hello. This is my first time doing a homepage. To start I am 31 years old , Divorced and have two wonderful boy's ages 14 and 4. I am a sagittarius and was born on Thanksgiving day. I have two cats their names are Midge and Sasha..

Things I Enjoy Doing

I have met many wonderful people online and enjoy my chats with them. I am registered on the server's I go to as Xena1 My (room) Channel is Xena's_realm. #+MURPHY'S_PUB is were I visit most of the time (room) Please feel free to drop by the room's to chat.

My favorite room's on Mirc

The people there are great and always friendly.. Rose and Cathy are the best!!
Rose is on #Rosey'sCafe and Cathy is on #Murphy's_Pub.

If you need advice or help visit #advice..

Music I enjoy

I listen to a variety of music which includes in no particular order:

Things I Collect-

Well I Hope You Like My Homepage.....

My page is still being worked on. We will be slowly adding pic's and info of my friends I have met online. Please be sure to sign the GuestBook before you leave.

Thanks- Xena Warrior Princess

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I would like to take the time to Thank Sldragon for doing all the work on my homepage for me. He has put in alot of time and effort into helping me and still is. But, as anyone who has met him knows he is a very sweet and kind guy..who happens to be extremely smart when it comes to computer's.

Thank You Sldragon!!