After Last Knight Part 2 by Karen
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After Last Knight Part 2 by Karen


A brilliant white light greeted Nicholas de Brabant as the pain of the

stake in his back and heart was replaced by a sense of peace, safety and

warmth he hadn't felt in over 800 years. As he lay there, trying to assess

his surroundings, it became apparent he was not alone. Sitting up, he saw

Natalie next to him. The quiet, rhythmic rise and fall of her chest

reassured him she was only sleeping.

Her soft brown hair was draped over her shoulders. She looked so peaceful.

Gently, he brushed aside the locks covering her neck, expecting to find

confirmation of hazy memories. The area of her neck he had "kissed" was

uninjured. Somehow, he was not surprised.

Natalie stirred and called his name as she began to waken. "Shh...Nat, It's

ok. It's me, Nick. Natalie, wake up." He spoke in a soft, comforting

voice. He stroked her face, and she reached for his hand as she opened her


His ocean blue eyes were the first thing she saw as she awoke. She smiled

in recognition and started to sit up. "Nick? What happened? Where are we?"

She looked around. Everything was white. There was no end to the room they

were in. There were no doors, no windows.

Nick was excited. "It's exactly as you said it would be. I'm here with you,

Nat. We're together."

She closed her eyes in remembrance of the last moments in Nick's apartment.

She could remember him holding her, kissing her, and then...nothing. "What

happened?" she asked Nick. "How did we get here?"

"I took too much, Nat. I couldn't stop myself. And I couldn't condemn you

to the life I have despised for so long."

"But?" she started.

Nick cut her off. "I know, I know, but I couldn't bring myself to sentence

you to the darkness I have lived with for over 800 years. You were willing

to believe in me. You dared to take a chance on me with your life. At the

moment I thought I lost you, everything you said about faith made sense. It

all came together. Lacroix came in just as I laid you on the floor. He p

ushed me to decide to bring you across. I couldn't. Your voice kept ringing

in my ears. 'You must have faith, Nick.' I wondered, could it be possible

that I, a vampire for all these years, still have faith? Lacroix kept at

me, telling me it was time to leave and start again. But I couldn't leave

you behind. He kept telling me it was foolishness, this faith. But there

you were on the floor in front of me, a product of your faith in me. I knew

then I did have that faith, Natalie, to believe in you and your belief that

we would be together, forever, no matter how it ended. I asked Lacroix to

finish me once and for all. You took a chance on me; I had to take that

chance on you."

Natalie looked at him in disbelief. "You mean he??"

Nick beamed at her and nodded. "Uh, huh. And I can show you where my back

is still sore."

She stared at him, trying to comprehend what he had just told her. She

could not imagine Lacroix taking his beloved son's life. But here they

were, and the excitement and love in Nick's eyes told her it did happen.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

At that moment, it occurred to them that they were not alone. Standing

before them was a figure clad in white and gold. He had the figure of a

human, though later Natalie and Nick would not be able to agree on whether

it was male or female, tall or short, thin or heavy. All they would agree

on was that the strange entity's presence was overpowering.

"Neither of you belong here." The mysterious figure said, obviously upset.

"This was a big mistake. The timing is all wrong."

Nick stood, holding Natalie's hand. "Who are you? What is this place?"

"I am who I am," was the cryptic reply. "This place is where it should be,

but you are not." It stared at them shaking its head. "It is way too early

for either of you to be here. You should be here much, much later. This is


"What are you talking about?" Natalie questioned nervously as she rose to

stand next to Nick. "Why should we be here later?"

"Both of you belong here, yes, but not now. This is not right," the ghostly

figure kept repeating. "You both have too much to do. Things haven't

happened yet. People to care for. Family."

"What are you saying?" Nick demanded, trying to make sense out of this

creature in front of them. "Where should we be?"

"Hush now! Must think. Must plan how to get you back to where you belong."

It paused and looked upward. "How long have they been here?" The figure

appeared to be listening to an answer. Then it nodded and smiled in

understanding. "Yes, yes, I can do that. Yes, I can take you back." It

looked at the very confused Nick and Natalie. "You need to come with me,

now!" The being ordered.

"Wait a minute," Natalie practically screamed at him. "We are not going

anywhere until you explain a few things. Where are we? What do you mean,

you're taking us back?"

The strange figure motioned them through a door that appeared out of

nowhere. "I will tell you what I can, but we must hurry. Time is short.


End Act 2

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