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About Myself

My realname is Ian Cheung ( chinese name is Cheung hung yan ) I was born in HongKong in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I spent about 1/3 of my life grew up in Hong Kong, the other 1/3 in United Kingdom where I attended a boarding school there for 7 long years. in a little town call Dover, where you can see the cross channel ferry and hovercraft that cross the English Channel to France. Staying in a boarding school was a very unique experience for me, I have never seen so many different colour of different race. My English improved vastly since then. Life in a boarding school was never bored, there are always something happening some where, no matter is a prank or some school function, there is always an event around. I guess I was fortunate cos my boarding house was right by the sea. where I wake up everday and watch the sea first thing in the morning, i still miss that breath of sea fresh air !!! Speaking of the sea I can never forget my senior year's birthday...Gosh I got carried down to the sea...the col shower....cold bath...hose down....and into a fountain...on that day (it's tradition that cold showers for the birthday boy) During those years I was involve in so many pranks that I got gated (that means not allowing to get out of school grounds to town or wear casual clothes at all) so many times!! I guess I wasn't a good kid at school but I still get a pretty good grade at school. I finished Both GCSE O'level and GCE A level before I went back to Hong Kong for a short while and head for USA to study in San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton California as a foreign student.

From then on I only stay there for a year and flew back to Hong Kong and to prepare for our family migration for good. I got to admit, I didn't really like the idea of staying in a small town like Stockton. Since it's pretty much an old folks town and most people there are ready for retirement, I didn't like it at all comparing to the lifestyle of Hong Kong. To this day I am still not fully adjusted to this little town. However I do like the fact that this town is perfect for studying!! It's pretty much a very quiet and the mood of the town as an overall is calm and quiet. For a Student that want to concentrate on studies and have fun laters, Stockton is the town to go to.

I am almost done with my 2nd year in College and finally transferring to a 4 years University. Throughout the pass year I had never felt more confuse and dramatic in my life. A lot had happened to me throughout the pass year, and frankly if it wasn't for my best friend and mui I wouldn't be able to know what to do. The most increible thing happened to me this year was I met my gf a year ago in Cyber City as well as my other mui and best friends. 7 months later we finally met and to me I have never felt so right to be with someone. People have said Internet love never works, but for me, it did !!!!! It's almost like a fantasy come true. I am enjoying every bit of the moment my gf and I share together!!! However I want to give a word of advice, Our relationship worked because we both wanted it to and alot of sacrafices had been put in by both of us to make this relationship work. I know there are always a whole bunch of net-bf and net-gf that ppl wanted to have but seriously...... I don't think love is a game.

To be Continue !!