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Special Thanks

Frist I like to thank Icy again because it is she who helped me so much in creating my cool logo !!!! She has definetly got the talents for architecture and web design gosh I don't know what to do without her help!!!

I now resident in California where i have my best god family who talks to me and encourage me all the time. Special thanks to Wing( my favourite kai mui)who was always there to care for me and take care of me when I am down, Icy who taught me how to make this home page and stuck with me through my bad times, my 2 other kai mui Tiffany and Sandy who I just met and hung out with them. they have the best voices for Karaoke !! It's like going to live concert when listening to them sing. Wallis who also stuck by me since day one and always being a friend to lay a hand to help me when I needed it or just to talk to me when I am sad or I am happy. Minny who found me this cool web space for me to do this page, and of course my one and only true love Samantha who had stood by me and love me more than anyone else !!! She had given me so much support and love and care!! Thats a simple thank you ain't just enough at all. My love for her is forever and one day we shall be together as husband and wife ( although we alreayd call each other lo gong and lo por )sorry go give you guys the chills.....= P and for those who I didn't mention because the list is too long... All of you I want to say thanks for being my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without my Friends I won't be here talking to you guys!!! Hope our friendships last forever !!!!!!!!!!!!