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Kai Family and Friends

This is wing my favourite kai mui !!!!!!!! not only is she have a very cute and adorable face, she is always happy, sincere, and smart. She and I had shared many many secrets ( hehe ). She had stuck by me since day one and the first friend to send me a picture of her !!!! Somehow wing and I had bonded so well together as brother and sister that we helped each other a lot in different situations and she is always there for me when I needed someone to talk to!! I wouldn't know what to do without her la !! Thanks for being there for me all the time wing !!!!! Gor wouldn't know what to do and always need you to be there for me for many more years hehe!!!!!

My 2 beloved mui who both live close to me and I visit them on a regular basis to either go sing Karoake or Bowling or just to hang out and have fun. Of all my kai mui they are the 2 that live closest to me!!! Both my mui have beautiful voices that when I goto K with them, it's like going to an concert Live !!!! Tiffany and Sandy are both one of my funniest mui and gor gor will always be there for you whenevere you need me = ) I only hope if they live next door to me that would be even better !!!

Icy real name Carmen, it's was really lucky that we met, it's funny too but coincident you saw my username from Eddy and you wish to add me in. Now that you are my newest kai mui and you are second kai mui from NZ and going to the same scool with Wing, there is a lot more yet to be learn about you gor don't know what to say now but this gor will love and care about you just as much as I care for my other mui!!! Nice to have you as my mui ar Carmen

Wallis.....the one lovely friend of mine who I can never do without!!!!!!!! she always talks to me on the phone. Care alot about my well being and kind of let me learn the world of being a gal....well I want to understand what gals thinks about guys...anyways, Wallis is one of my original net friend that i first met when I 1st went online last year. We shared a lot of good times and bad times together. She is always funny and seems to be kind of bonded to me as friends we both felt very comfortable when we talk to each other ( is a feeling that can't be describe !! ) Wallis isn't a real big looker but she is very fun to hang out with and defintely easy going and down to earth kind of a gal she is very popular among guys back at NY. Wallis is one of those gal? friends that I can't live without cos she is always alertive and smart.I miss talking to you all the time ar Wallis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dearest kai lui Nicole-Cheryl who has the sweetest voice and a way wicket laugh that is so far cool!!! she is a die hard BSB ( Back Street Boys ) fans she is always so cute to me thats why she earn the name of cuty!!!!!! well you might wonder how she got a special name like Nicole-Cheryl. Well simple I gave her such a cool name. Since ppl in HK are so lame and can't even pronouce an easy name like cheryl,( they called it cher-lo ) yuck !!! so butched the name badly, so one day cuty and I spent over an hr picking the perfect name to sub the name of Cheryl. However after over 40 different names were suggested by me we still couldn't come up with one cool name that suits her and she badly misses and loved the name of Cheryl. So I end up linking the 2 names together hence Nicole-Cheryl.( For those who needs "hook on phonics" badly and can't even say Cheryl,) can easily say Nicole or Nikki ( which is a short cute way of Nicole ) I am so happy to have her as my kai lui cos she is soooooooo cute and a good kid to me!! Thanks ar lui lui lo dui loves you all the time!!!!!

My dearest friend Amy!!!! When I was down, you helped me up, when I was emotionally distress, you stuck by me to cheer me up, when I wanted to die, you talked senses to me to remind me what I have ahead of me and the meaning of life, when I didn't make my home page, she encouraged me to build one and helped me and inputed a lot of good points to improve my page as well as making the perfect banner for my home page. Gosh if i was to list all the thing she had done for me, then the list would just go on and on. Amy has the kindest and most generous heart of an angel!!!!! not only is she very pretty and tall but also a kind hearted person. I can't thank you enough to her!!! Cos she had played a very special place in my life that it will feel different without amy to talk to. Amy you are always the best!!!! Friends forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last and Most important of all is my girl friend and lo por Samantha I can't thank her enough for being so patients and understanding for me although we haven't been dating that long, but our love and bonding for each other had grew exponetially in a very rapid rate each time we may argue but for maybe no more than 3 mins. After that our love had already grew stronger she has a real kind heart and love me like no other gal had loved me b4!!!! she is willing to sacrafice for me as I will do the same for her and i guess that's one of the main reason why I love her so much!!! It's because she and I will go the extra mile for each other to please each other and is no longer a one way where I have to sacrafice only!!! Ying there isn't a single word of phrase i can say to describe how deeply that I love you!!!! But I know one thing for sure and that is I love you more than anyone else i have ever loved!!!!!! No one can ever fill your shoes and may there be many more years to come to share our life and love together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my gf with our 2 Japanese Friend Asami(left) and Akiko(center)

here is a more recent pic of Sandy and her boy friend David

My Ex.....pretty but sure a bxxxx